Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sifting Through Buttons, Ribbons & Trims!

yesterday I hit the garment it there, its like a treasure trove! Working on some projects today....I have a long day ahead of me.



  1. Love following your blog and am wishing you much luck as you start your journey as a designer. I work in the industry (in the big button building that you took a pic of on your blog)..I am a preppy-prepster...I wear Lilly pretty much every day in NYC and I get a lot of "looks/stares" but I do not care because wearing Lilly makes me happy! Ps- did you know that the Lilly P. showroom is right across from The Big Button Building? Something tells me that you do :)....

  2. No I did not know that! I would die to be able to get a peak one day! xoxoxo