Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Parsons Summer Classes Day Two

Yes, I'm tired, my feet ache & I'm mentally exhausted from doing homework- tonight's assignment 35 gestural drawings.What keeps me going? Knowing that i finally made it, I'm in Parsons. I'm so lucky to be afforded this opportunity. Love my class, its an interesting bunch from all over the world. Very cool to meet and chat with people from other countries, that are not Long island.We have 7 girls that are from Mexico, who are hysterical. An vintage- loving Aussie. Two Texans, A Georgia Peach, & A laid-back LA-er among others. Taking Spanish for 6 years in school has paid off- I'm able to tap in to some of the conversations of the girls from Mexico. We all call the teacher by his first name, Colin being in a relaxed atmosphere and all. Love how the Sassy Mexican girls take it to the next level. At the beginning of class , one says: Colin, too many drawings last night. We didn't go to Butter because of your homework. Then i went out for a smoke and i saw Beyonce & Jay-Z then we just followed them and went where they went. Then another said, I got lost yesterday i went on the subway to go to Madison avenue . After a few stops i asked someone if we were there yet. They told me we were in Brooklyn. Brooklyn? Where's Brooklyn? LOL.Then another one of them asks me where I'm from, I say LongIsland, NY, She says I can tell you have a thick accent. (I think So do you) how funny is that! The Mexican girls have amazing clothes also, they all carry YSL's or LV's, wear Seven Jeans, Lots of gold jewelry & Tory Burch Flats & aren't afraid to wear color!

Here are two of the 35 drawings i completed tonight. Yes, 35 & No I'm not Kidding. Really.

Vase of flowers.
Julia, My Yorkie modeled for me this evening. She was a bit of a fussy model, but i got some amazing drawings of her tonight.

Both are drawn with Conte crayons just discovered these, a cool alternative to pastels- not chalky very concentrated and smooth. Only downfall : impossible to erase so its like permanent.


Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day At Parsons!

Hello! Today was an exausting & exilerating day. I started out bright and early which was a bit of a struggle, i am so not a morning person. I sat through orientation, Boring. Then we were given a lunch break, i had lunch with an austrailian & another girl i met from washington D.C.When i got to class i felt like i left the country, I am working side by side with students from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Austrailia, as well as some southerners. I was the only one from New York. I am so happy to be meeting new people outside of Long Island, though it is lovely here, its a bit sheltered. When i was at Parsons today, i finally felt like i was home. This is what i am meant to be, a designer. Everything clicked today i didn't have trouble drawing at all. For the first time today, i actually thought my work was up to par. I was praised today in class for my still life thumbnail drawings. Everyone was asking who drew that? I was so proud to stand up and say that it was my work. I'm living the dream. There's also alot of work that comes with this dream. This morning i sat in traffic for 2 hours on my way into manhattan. There are two, three hour classes each day, with a short lunch break in between. And there is homework. Tonight's homework was 20 drawings, yes 20. I just finished. My hand hurts like hell. You gotta work to get to the top. I worked my ass off to get into Parsons, I'm up for the challenge- Bring It On.

Some of drawings that i did for homework today. Still lifes of a vase of flowers in my house.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life....

Today It is over, I'm moving on to College as a Fashion Design Major at Parsons The New School For Design. I Still can't believe everything is falling into place in my life. It seems just yesterday i was in turmoil. I've come a long way! I'm so blessed that all my dreams are coming true & My family and friends have been so encouraging and supportive along the way- you know who you are! Tomorrow I start Summer College Courses at Parsons- getting a head start with classes and such. I'm all ready to go, I got my Train Pass, My Metro card, My laminated Map, Lilly Tote all packed & The new issue of O magazine! Can't wait to meet people outside the Bubble of a town i live in. I'm so excited , it still doesn't feel real. I'm really going to Parsons? What?!

Anyway, You all Know I Celebrated In Lilly Today. Love how I'm the only Preppy in my town.

My Graduation Cake, made to Match my worth shift & With My Monogram!
Me & Gaballaaaa. BFFS FOREVERRR!

Me & My Julia. I'm wearing The Worth Shift in Stuffed Shells. Now Look at my Hat, Yes its Lilly. I made it. I made a pattern from the Navy Cap i was supposed to wear and constructed my own out of a pair of Lilly Pants, in Master of The House Print that i got stuck with. I wore my navy Cap on stage, but right before my row got called i switched my Cap to my Lilly one. I was noticed all right. I made my mark as the Fashionista in Lilly! The Lilly Cap got amazing feedback, students, teachers & even the principal loved it! Most of all it was so me.

Having a laugh with Gaballaa & Julia.

Close up of my Lilly Graduation Cake.
Life. Lilly. & The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This post is dedicated to Gabballaaa , my Best Friend. We met in Fashion Class last year when i was a Junior & Gabby was a senior in high school. Here is some photos of our adventures in fashion together!

Me, Gabballaaa & Countess Luann , We met her at a Lilly Pulitzer Event at Bloomingdales in NYC. We are both wearing Vintage Lillys circa 1960's.
Getting our books signed, sharing a beyond hysterical moment with the countess.

My favorite Picture of me & Gabbaalllaaa .

Me & Gabbaalllaaa in Bergdorf Goodman having yet another laugh in a Pucci chair on the ready-to-wear floor. How cute is that chair?! I want it!

My Graduation Gift from Gaballlaaa. Esentially Lilly Book! & Audrey Book, Paris notecards & a beautiful keepsake box! I'm obsessed with everything! Gabbaalllaa you know me too well.
Cheers Gabballlaaaa to more years of laughter & Fun together!
Stay tunned, i have some tricks up my sleeve for tomorrow's post!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Formal Affair...

Hello! So good news , my dress was repaired just in time yesterday. My seamstress put in a new zipper, no i did not have to be sewn into my gown. LOL.

Prom Photos
Back view of my hair , Braiding & crystal detail
Me & Gabby last year at her Pre-prom. Gabby looking stunning. I'm wearing a Vera Wang Top, Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 , Delman pumps & a Vintage straw bag circa 1960's.

Me & Gabby this year at my prom! all my jewelry is Vintage. My earrings were my great-great grandmothers & my necklace and bracelet were my late great-grandmothers.

Gabby, Mom, Me & Brittnay. My gown is Badgley Mischka.

Me & one of my Minnies ( Gabby's Little brother) , Brenden. He brought me flowers, Why don't all boys have manners?! LOL.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How I Lead A Colorful Life...

Hello! Today is a very busy day- tonight is prom! Last night the zipper of my gown broke and as i speak my seamstress is putting in another , if that doesn't work i may have to be sewn into my dress. No biggie, I'm sure all the celebrities go through this LOL. I'm so in love with my gown- i bought it two years ago on Saks.com- on Christmas day, i got the deal of the century. It's Badgly Mischka! Guess what i paid!? $200, original price $1000.Being a shopaholic has its benefits sometimes! The dress is so me, very classic Audrey/ Jackie O. I will post pictures tomorrow!

How I Lead A Colorful Life.....

I Incorporate the spirit of Lilly In everything I do, especially with Design.

I wanted to share a past project that i did in my fashion class, We had to design a shopping bag with a theme. Of course I choose Lilly! I covered the brown paper bag with Lilly prints from the catalogue, wrapping paper & vintage fabric swatches from the 60's that were Lilly-Esq. For the handles I covered them with the Lilly ribbon that came with the fragrances. To finish the bag off, i added some white lace trim, & Lilly palm tree tissue! The bag is on display in my room now, i just love looking at her! this was my favorite project to complete.
Lilly Shopping Tote, Designed & made by me!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Hello, yesterday was crazy busy hence no post. I got up bright & early yesterday to go to the city to do a dry-run of my route i would have take to my summer classes that start soon. I toured the dorms, and saw what my spacious single would look like, it was way smaller than i imagined. The closet is not nearly big enough to fit all my Lilly dresses alone, never mind the rest of my wardrobe, and what about my shoes! & Handbags! Ill deal, i'm so excited i got to get to know my soon to be neighborhood yesterday too, there's a nice hair salon & nail place near by and a really cute, afforable shoe store too! I still can't believe all of this is really happening for me, I'm so blessed, I'm truly living a dream!

when i came home from my pedicure appointment today, i found my little Julia Rose snuggiling up with my Lilly pillow, i just had to snap a picture! How cute!
Have you heard?! Barnes & Noble has just launched two- super cute totes by Lilly Pulitzer exclusivley for B&N. I just adore the rope handles! Must Have! Must not buy! LOL

Its beautiul outside here on Long Island, NY, Is it sunny by you? I'm going to spend the rest of my day reading outside in the sun!

Monday, June 21, 2010

National Wear Lilly Day!

Today is the first ever National Wear Lilly Day! Lilly corporate stores & signature stores nation wide are having amazing gift with purchases. I'm being good - I'm not going shopping, Promise!
So, in the spirit of Lilly, What's your all time favorite print? Mine is hands-down Pandemonium, I'm in love with the fact that this is Lilly's first black & white print ever. I own the worth shift & Originals tote in this print! What can i say? I'm just Obsessed! xx
Pandemonium Print- also my computer background!
Me sporting my Pandemonium tote with denim shorts & a black tank along with a pearl necklace from J.crew & Oscar De La Renta shades. I'm also wearing a pearl bracelet from forever 21 & My Hope For Julianna bracelet.

Remember it all started with a juice stand......

Wear it Well! xx



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Running With My Fabulous Circle Of People

Yesterday was a whirlwind.... I'm still recovering. I got up bright and early washed & dressed into my Pandemonium Shift - and a spritz of Wink for the days events. First stop my Minnie's dance recital. Then it was time to put on my Ralph Lauren Derby hat and go to my fashionista friend's Alice & Wonderland themed birthday Party. It was a fun day, the weather was so nice yesterday making everything extra enjoyable.

Katie & her friend Claire how cute are they?! This was after the recital , with their flowers!

Katie in her Jazz outfit. I'm so proud of my Minnie! She did great it was such a thrill to see her dance on stage.They say you can't choose your family- but you can , you see me & Katie are not really related, but we're cousins because Katie chose to "adopt" me as her cousin! Katie, I'm having so much fun being a part of your life & watching you grow up!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Bon Voyage!

" But look what I've been missing out on all this time. Look what I've been denying myself. I feel quite shaky as I realize the opportunitiess I've been throwing away over the years. Suitcases, weekend bags, monogrammed hatboxes...with weak legs i wander into a corner and sit down on a carpeted pedestal next to a red leather vanity case. How can i have overlooked luggage for so long? How can i have just blithely led my life ignoring an entire retail sector? "
- Confessions Of A Shopaholic

I am just in LOVE with this luggage, no I'm not going anywhere and yes I'm working on cutting back & controlling my spending But- I can look can I? I just adore the brown/white stripe combo on anything! take a look at my luggage "wish list" :
This carry- on with wheels is so chic and funtional- $595
Weekender - can be used as a day tote or as your personal bag on the flight over - $395

large make-up case not sure how functional this is- i usually travel with a cosmetic case that can be tucked in my luggage, but its so cute- $295

Train case- this is the ultimate vintage travel luxury- LOVE , LOVE, LOVE this!- $695

duffle- so cute i can see myself carrying this on a weekend getaway - $450

All pieces can be purchased at www.HenriBendel.com

As far as functionality goes- the only two useful pieces for me would be the rolling carry-on & the weekender tote- the rest is cute but would be a pain to schleep around a airport, but would it? ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex And The City 2 Fashion Recap

Yesterday, I went to go see Sex And The City 2 with the girls. Let's talk about the clothes. I died looking at all the couture wedding gowns from the first movie. And the shoes OMG...
Loved how they made the girls shop at Bergdorfs, the absolute "IT" Manhattan store. Love Carrie's white dress & Charlotte's pink Dior bag. Can you spot Louboutins? I can!
The gown, its Emilio Pucci- i won't tell you the price its sickening, but look at it- Stunning. The printed silk looks as if it was watercolor painted on. Love the shoes too, and yes they are Louboutins!

I was in love with the beading around the neckline of Miranda's maxi dress- so chic, I would wear Carrie's one- shoulder grecian dress everyday if i could. Samantha's shoes were to die for & Charlotte's dress & hat were so preppy but in a sophisticated european way.

Flashback scene; Don't you love Carrie's Madonna look? & Charlotte is in LILLY, the roslyn skirt from the originals collection in not so crabby print & she's holding a lilly bermuda bag!

Didn't you love the kareoke scene? I did! I was dying over Charlotte's gown. Jeans under a long gown- only Carrie could pull that off - and with a tiara too! I wasn't overly in love with Samantha's & Miranda's looks throughout the film. What do you think?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010


Last night, we took a trip to our local Borders to meet Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives Of NJ. We got Skinny Italian signed & chated with Teresa herself. She was a panic!
Me, Mom, Annie, Diane & Gabby with Teresa.

So lets start from the begining, we arrive at Borders purchase our books and now we have to wait, the Moms are on-line and were trying to casually hang out by the door to see if we can catch Teresa coming in. No such luck, we had one false alarm. I saw a town car pull up and i was convinced that it was her, i literally shoved Gabby out of the way to run to the door. LOL
Yes, she was fashionably late, and yes we did miss her coming in because i was reading a magazine.
Then we waited on line for a little bit, and ditched the moms again this time we hung out near Teresa's area and got to see her in action. I have to tell you she really is pretty in person, seriously. The voice is the same as it is on TV, exactly the same. While she was signing books she took a minute to err, fix the top of her dress. LOL
Then it came time to Meet & Greet. While waiting on line we found Danielle Staub's book laying around, what did we do??
My Mother is hysterical ;
Mom: Wait Teresa we have to gloss!
Teresa: you're funny
Mom: Can you sign my book? (Puts Danielle's Book on the table)
Teresa: huh.....you didn't buy this did you?
Mom: No, (throws the book on the floor)
Teresa: " You know Longisland girls are just like Jersey girls".
Then My friend Annie & her Mom Diane went up to get their books signed
Diane: My daughter is going to college in Jersey
Teresa: oh, where?
Diane: Hackensen
Teresa: Oh, Hackensack! I had all my babies in Hackensack Hospital, its a great hospital!
what is she going for?
Diane: Equestriny
Teresa: WHATT?!
Diane: Horses
Teresa: Ohh..that's nice
Then my mom asked her if she gardens, (i told my mother not to ask her that i mean does she look like she does gardening, no!) Teresa was like no, and my husband is so lazy he doesn't do anything he doesn't care how the house looks....blah blah ...LOL
we were chatting with her for too long because then these people were like thanks for coming ladies and they litterally shoved us out of the area. LOL
The Real housewives are my guilty pleasure, no i am not a housewive or anything close to it I'm only 17 but i am highly entertained by all of these women. NJ housewives to me is the most hysterical to me being italian, i just close my eyes and i feel like i'm listening to my Mom's side of the family. I'm also Obsessed with NY - Team Bethenny! & don't get me started on Atlanta & OC
It was a night of hysterical fits of laughter!



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Senior Awards!

Last night was our school's Senior Awards Ceremony. Awards and scholarships were given out to very deserving seniors for all sorts of things, excellence in grades, attendance,art, and yes even gym. In my little life this was my Oscar moment, for weeks i knew i was being awarded but had no clue to what i was getting. I fished, snooped you name it to try to get even a hint to what i was getting- but i got nothing. It drove me crazy that i didn't know, but i'm glad i was surprised.

Me & My BFF Gabballlaaa , she's only one year older than me- i got away with sneaking her backstage, everyone thought she was a student. LOL
Didn't we look Stunning!?
So what we're wearing: On Gabballlaaa- Denim Jumper, AQUA for Bloomingdales black ruffle top, black ballet flats. On me: Lilly Pulitzer Sameus dress, Miss Trish of Capri for Target Sandals, Vintage Chanel bag, Vertigo Trench (it was pouring!)

Drumrolll Please....... So what did I get?! I got the excellence in Fashion Award, so that i wasn't so surprised that i got, but i was shocked that i got the Paul Reuben Memorial Scholarship!
I was awarded $2,000!!!! I'm temped to hit Saks, but i won't ! Promise! This is going to pay for a large portion of my summer classes that I'm taking at Parsons, and now i don't feel so bad about my last trip to Lilly Pulitzer. LOL!
Any of you graduating out there?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Needle & Thread.......

So, In three short months I am moving to Manhattan to attend Parsons The New School Of Design. I am going to major in Fashion Design. It just doesn't seem real, i'm living a dream. Now being the shopaholic i am, i was dying to own a vintage dress form- its a necessity for any fashionista like myself, no? How excited was i when a family friend said, we have a old dress form that was my grandmother's no one has a use for it, do you want it?! YES! I also got the back story on this antique, My friend's grandmother used this dress form to sew & design while working as a designer for Elizabeth Arden. I will cherish this antique forever.

Close up of the dress form
How cool is this, it's a special instrument that was used back in the day to make even hems. One day i'm going to give it a try.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Bag Lady Papers

Hello! I just finished a great read - The Bag Lady Papers. The book is about Alexandra Penney, and how she rebuilds her life after she loses every cent to the investor Bernard Madoff. Its a story of inspiration, independance, & finding your inner strength.

Here is my favorite excerpt from the book:
" If your worst fears happen, you live through them. They can be as bad as you imagined them but somehow you manage.
You will surprise yourself at how well you cope. You have enormous resources you don't know about.
You are in control until you have no mind left.
When you are flooded with anxiety or panic think- don't feel
There is such a word as NO. Use it to protect yourself.
Indulge your crazy ideas- just think a bit about the consequences first.
You don't have to love your parents. Honor and respect the institution of parenthood, and you will feel no guilt.
There is no such thing as human worthlessness. Even the MF must have some redeeming quality, although i admit i doubt it.
People will always surprise you with their generosity, or nastiness.
You're sunk if you lose your sense of humor.
Ask for what you want even if you think you won't get it. You'll be surprised at the response sixty percent of the time.
It's okay to feel pity for yourself- for a short while
Ranting out loud can make you feel quite a bit better.
Stop negative thinking any way you can. It takes discipline but you can do it.
Fear has two faces: The good side motivates you, the bad side paralyzes you.
When you have your first sip of coffee in the morning, stop for a full ten seconds and taste how good it is.
Decide on a short term goal and a long term goal and give them your very best shot.
Don't beat yourself up about a decision, it was right at the time you made it.
If you can't make a decision, you can always decide to not decide.
You have a self. Know its strengths and weeknesses.
Fear can make you tougher and stronger.
Evil exists.
Generosity can trump anything.
Expect the unexpected, but there is no way to prepare for it.
Change is inevitable, but its an adventure.
Loss happens, get used to it.
Be a fighter, life's no fun if you're not. "
Go pick up your copy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Decisions, Decisions!

Its June, Aka Party Season! i have many events to attend, what to wear!? here are some of my thoughts, its officially Lilly weather here in NY so happy! Today i wore my lovell shift in flama alma ding dong & my Kate Spade park avenue cuff & necklace.

Im thinking for my graduation i will be wearing the worth shift in stuffed shells
still deciding which day to wear my new pandamonium tote!

i picked up two new chic polos & pairs of callahan shorts too

I'm planning on wearing my pandamonium shift to my friends birthday party & one of my minnie's dance recital ( both on the same day).
I still haven't decided what to wear for the senior awards ceremony,...I'm getting an award but i won't know what for until the award ceremony eekkk!