Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all of veterans that fight everyday to make our country the best place to live.
I also love memorial day, because some of the best sales are thrown on this holiday! where are you going shopping today. I might pop over to TJMaxx, but thats about it- I'm stuck in today doing the last of my homework. I'm a senior you think i wouldn't have any!
On another note, i wanted to share a recent Vintage present that was given to me. Yesterday at our family's annual memorial day weekend BBQ- a cousin of mine gave me this little gem. It was my late grammy's , given to her and she wanted me to have it. I was speechless, I can't even begin to tell you what an honor it is to be given this. I am going to cherish this purse forever.

grey lucite with clear etched on top view of purse. What a gem of a bag!


Saturday, May 29, 2010


Thrift Shopping is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love digging for treasures, there's an art to it- its like a game. I have a knack for spotting the jewels within the piles of junk. Yesterday i picked up Seven For All Mankind Jeans & Joe's Jeans. The day before that I left with 2 pairs of Seven For All Mankind Jeans at another thrift shop. I have to say hands down my best thrift shop find was my 2 Vintage Chanels purchased for a mere $30 each. My mom & I snagged a beautiful piece of furniture for our living room yesterday also, you see we all love vintage here!
Here are the Do's & Don'ts of Thrift Shopping:
Do: Greet whomever you see coming in ( who works there)
Do: try to bargain, fairly not obnoxiusly " Can you do any better" - is what i usually ask
Do: look everywhere, overlook nowhere you never know what you will find
Don't: wear anything fancy, leave you Vuitton home- dress down or you will be charged more Seriously! this still happens to me ocasionally even when im dressed down !
Don't: buy something if you are not sure about it- you wont use it if you are in love with it
Don't: buy somthing just because its cheap, thats how you become a junk collector. Only buy if you will use & love or know someone who will!
Happy Thrifting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kick Start Summer!

Can you believe it is already memorial day weekend? i cant't! Now that it is officially summer you can pull out your white pants & shoes & all your Lilly! It was a long winter, I'm so excited to pull out my Lilly Bermuda Bag & Vintage straw bags! What will you be wearing this weekend?

The beach gives me so much inspiration for me creativley, I can't wait to work on my shell votives for my new Etsy shop this summer!
Its so easy to dress in the summer, just throw on a shift, throw your hair up in a french twist , sandals + Jewelry & out you go!
What to wear this weekend? deffinitley something Lilly! The weather here in NY has been so fickle lately, one day its freezing the next its like a sauna outside, seriously!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am obsessed with Lilly's Pandamonium print this season! i love black & white, and the dash of pink in this print is so lilly! Can you spot the hidden Lilly's?

Just got my pandamonium shift in the mail today! now to decide when & wear to wear it?!
I also have my eye on the pandamonium tote, i decided its a must have. My local Lilly signature store, Pink Link is trying to track one down for me! fingers crossed xx

During my "road trip" to Pink Link today i picked up these shorts.

and these too.....i am in love with the aquamarine fresh catch of the day toile print!
wanted the cinch bathing suit in this print but when i tried it on today i was disapointed it didn't look as good on me as it did on the model in the summer 10' ad. And then i tried on this reversible knit dress, which i thought i was going to love, and it did fit beautifully But- because it was revesible it was like wearing 2 dresses- i was overheated just from trying it on! Online shopping is great but its always smart to try on the items and see them in person! I only order items online that i know my size and how the garment fits.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Fashion Show Lineup

Here are the details on the outfits shown at the benefit last week.
From left to right: Faith is wearing black skirt embelished with black organza roses, she is wearing necklaces made with vintage beads, And The Shell Tote! she is wearing her own top & jacket. Shelby is wearing a draped skirt & tank embelished with cream organza roses & vintage chains and pearls. Shelby is carrying the vintage magazine clutch, (not pictured- vintage jewelry headband). Katie is wearing a navy tee embelished with ivory organza roses & a headband with a single tiffany blue organza rose. Paige is in the Lilly Napkin Dress & match headband.
The Twins backstage posing for Pre-show photos. Julianna is wearing a brown tee embelished with pink organza roses with her own pearls & accessories. Jessica is wearing a brown tee also, but embelished with tiffany blue organza roses, she too is wearing her own pearls & accessories.

After the show, Shelby, Paige, Me in my 3-in 1 dress, & Gabby in the cream tweed skirtsuit with matching beret- magnifique!

Hope you enjoyed the lineup! Stay tuned i will be adding some of my original embelished tanks & skirts to my Etsy shop: www.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lancome Love

So last night i was bad, i caved at the Lancome Counter big time. Check out some of my goodies. What Lured me back to the counter was after buying a self tanning gel & eyeliner 2 weeks ago that i fell in love with i just-had to return to buy another , or two.

The Gift was to die for, i just had to have it. A paris themed tote- they had me there they could have sold me dirt in a jar for all i cared as long as i got my tote i was happy. I wish i had this tote for Paris when i went. And i just love all the Minis, i have a drawer full that i have acumulated over time.
Now Lets talk about the eyeliner. In the past i never liked to wear eyeliner, i could never put it on correctly- which is beyond hysterical an artist that can't draw eyeliner straight. I tried everything, i was even fooled for a while thinking Benefit's Bad Gal was "My" product. But no nothing , i mean nothing compares to this eyeliner, its smooth , easy to put on even for the eyeliner challenged, and it never has to be sharpened- its always perfectly pointed. its available in a wide variety of colors- Bronze is my favorite, its a combo of brown with flecks of goldtone in it. Last night i picked up Plum. This eyeliner is worth every penny, just think you are helping our awful economy with each one you buy.

Calling all Pale girls. I do not tan, its not part of my genetic makeup. I blame my father, his side of the family is pale. Spray tans never worked for me, i tried all the drugstore self tanners and each and everyone turned me a lovely shade of orange. I was not into spending $40 something dollars on yet another product that will turn me into a pumpkin. But then i was reading Lucky one day and read a review on this , and the user was pale like me. So i went to the lancome counter , got another free gift! Yesterday i tried it for the first time, i picked a friday in case i turned orange i wouldn't have to come to school looking ridiculous. Well guess what? i'm not orange, i look like a normally tanned person- im a tad blochcy because i didnt exfoliate before- next time i must exfoliate.
Don't walk, run to your Lancome Counter! LOL

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hope For Julianna Benefit

In previous posts i have shared with you all how my baby cousin, Julianna is battling Leukemia for the second time. She has recently recieved a bone marrow transplant from her twin, Jessica. This Saturday we held a fashion show-cocktail party fundraiser. There were Vendors, one being Looking4Lilly. Snacks, sweets, and mocktails were served on faux silver trays to guests. We had raffles to add to the festivities. Friends and family pitched in from all angles to make this event happen. The love & support recieved was just overwhelming. Our goal was not only to raise money for them to help with their medical bills, but to make a special day for the girls after all they have been through. It was a glorious day, god was definitley smiling down on us.
Walking the Runway with the girls, can't see Jessica in this one- Julianna is on the left. It was perfect La Roux's In For The Kill was playing. The excitement the girls & I felt was just electric. When we stepped out on to the grass i was stunned to see how many people came to support us, my backyard had to be filled with 65 people, at least. It was beyond what we all thought it would be.
It took three of us to get Gabby in her dress, hahaa- Zipper malfunction.
All my friends & I on the lawn posing for a photo. (Lauren,Paige,Faith,Jan,GabbyAlexa, Me, Jessica & Julianna) and in case you are wondering - yes I'm in Lilly!

One of our Vendors, Cookie Lee Jewelry. Here I am teaching the minnies everything i know about shopping.

Me & the girls. It was a wonderful day. This was not only a benefit to spread awarness for Leukemia & a fundraiser but a celebration that despite everything we've been through Julianna is still here and is doing ok. I love you minnies & can't wait to watch you two grow up!
P.S - Will be posting photos of the Fashion Show Stay Tunned!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Creation

Good Evening! Drumrolll please after hours and hours of hard work, and sleepless nights i am presenting to you the Lilly Napkin dress. My challenge for fashion class was to cover a dress using materials away from the fabric category, and to try to repourpose your materials uniquley. so i was inspired by the Bel air dress ( jubilee collection - last year i think) - thats how i modeled the layout. So for weeks my hands were sore from glittering scrunching bunching gluing the paper napkin rosettes onto this dress ,i did the same with the "lace" on top. Some of the napkins are Lilly but i was unable to find enough to cover the dress so i had to supplement with other printed napkins.The last step was the dusting of Martha Stewart Glitter- love that stuff!I really pleased how this came out. She will be modeled in the show at the benefit tomorrow by my friend. Can't wait for its debut!

Front view
close up, note the lilly juice stand print napkins

back view

side view

matching headband!!!
Enjoy your saturday- i can't wait for it to be morning too excitted to sleep. So are the little cousins LOL.
Until next time.....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heart Of The Matter

Even during the midst of all the chaos here i managed to put aside some "me" time. I love to read, My favorite author of all time is Emily Giffin. I own all of her books . I have been waiting for the recent Title (above) to come out and bought it right away. I finished the book in two days reading on and off when i had time. It was amazing, though i must say my favorite novel by Giffin is Something Blue- but this made a close second. I wont give you hints and ruin it for you in any way- just go get your copy asap, you wont regret it!
until next time...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super Cool Party People

Hello all! my house is a mess, i'm exausted, and i'm working like a dog. Why? The Fashion show benefit i'm hosting for my baby cousin Julianna is in 2 days! Yikes! there are so many things left to do. I'm really excited 52 guests are coming , we got many generous raffles & donations. I know we are going to raise a nice amount for them to help with their medical bills. We are having five vendors too, so the guests can shop, snack, mingle & watch a fashion show put on my moi. Its going to be a fun afternoon spent with family & friends.
The kitchen counter- will be cleaned up soon
our merchandise table so far, a mix of things my mom & i made, and cookies donated by our family friend to be sold. & Looking4Lilly headbands will be sold too! Thanks again for donating the headbands Kristina!

our Raffle table, we have 21 raffles!
Must get back to work, will post more pictures asap! until next time....

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello! sorry for my absence, this week has been crazy to say the least. My fashion show benefit is next saturday- ill fill you in another post.I know i have been trying to cut back on my shopping, but i couldn't resist. I needed, yes needed some shoes for the change of season. So i headed to Tar-get! take a peek at what i came home with:

Miss Trish ! fabulous - i wore these today and got many compliments. Not used to the toe slide thing almost tripped today, and was close to losing a shoe while driving oopps! once i break them in there will be no more shoe mishaps.

classic & cute , and the pearl! i just knew i had to have these when i saw them!
love these! i actually have a seahorse necklace that matches these exactly, so yes this was a must have!

i needed new pumps, i have Delman leather ones that i adore but put my feet in excruitiating pain every time i wear them, i have come to the conclusion that they are too tight. I didnt think to pick up pumps at target but these were so nice, and yes comfortable! and as a bonus super cheap!

okay, ill admit i didnt need these but they are so cute. a cross between casual & dressy but fashion foward all at the same time. I love to wear heels but impossible for when im at school, this is a way for me to get a wear a "heel" but with the comfort and casual asthetic of a flat. I'm head over heels for these i already wore them three times this week.

So now i confessed.....I have a surprise in store for all of you very soon- i will be presenting my "lilly" work of art! thats all im telling you! until next time.....