Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's been a blur of a week...

Its been a blur of a week..I've had no classes so i have been sleeping late, getting absolutley nothing done, and eating horribly i have to start my diet all over again on monday, tomorrow won't count LOL. I'm trying to get back into the sewing groove..I just get frustrated everytime i start something. I just picked up the best sewing magazine that has all these cool and easy projects you can make in under an hour! i think im going to start with the beret for my trip to Paris, maybe ill make a few to coordinate with my outfits..who knows. The Sewing machine is calling me....until next time

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life. Lilly. And The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Life. Lilly. And The Pursuit Of Happiness
So, I have a new obsession: Looking4lilly headbands made with vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric from the 60s & 70s. I love Vintage and I love Lilly Pulitzer, and I just adore Vintage Lilly Pulitzer, in fact i collect it. But, anyway Im loving thesse headbands and everything else looking4lilly makes: ponytail holders etc. And the creater of look4lilly that makes all the goods couldn't be any sweeter, she is a real pleasure to do buissness with. Her headbands are very affordable too, at just $8 a headband plus shipping- she also offers variety packs(which i bought) and they are even less a piece when you order them in "bulk". Check out what's going on over there!And say that i sent you! @ looking4lilly on Now, i can't decide which on to wear tomorrow! I will survive.....until next time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesdays are way better than mondays!

So our date for Paris are Finalized! I will be in the city of light from March 29th- April 5th, over spring break. I'm so excited! I've been waiting for this trip for years, we were supossed to go for my sweet sixteen, but when i was put in a back brace i couldn't travel, then we were going to go for christmas but, my dad runs his own buissness and just couldn't take off then. But all that matters is that we are finally going!
My family are the worst travelers we are not "adaptable" to our soroundings, we complain and we HATE to fly, flying coach sucks i cannot wait until the day i can afford to fly first.i especially hate to fly, i can feel the panic rise in me as the plane goes up. and the small seats ugh! last time we flew in november to vegas, the guy in front of me put his seat all the way back, and i mean all the way. I was like is this guy for real, my mother told me to not cause a scene , but i was like bring it on buddy, i mean really? its called manners and class. I would never, never put my seat back in coach.I feel its well worth being uncomfortable for a little while for something spectacular. And i just know Paris is going to be spectaculuar.
I can't wait to shop. anyone that knows me even casually knows that i am a shopaholic, in denial that is. I love vintage, and everything Parisian i'm going to lose my mind when i see all the shops and stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on french vogue. I've been dying to get it but it is no where to be found here on the island.It's going to be the biggest shopping expedenture of my life......i would like to take this moment to appologize to my dad in advance for how much i buy in Paris. Ah, Paris the city of light, hope and dreams........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Parson's Challenge

Drumroll please........the Final Parson's challenge pieces. I have evolved through seashells, im kind of obseessed with shells since this project. It all started when my family friend, Barbra brought back a ton of beautiful shells from sanibel island, FL and o so generously gave me her stash when she found out i was working on my parson's challenge and my thesis was the beauty of the beach.I'm trying to get my hands on any more! especially florida sea shells, the shells here on jones beach are pathetic compared to those found in the south.I'm really excited about these, they truly were a labor of love! Ta-Ta for now


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Found " IT"

After weeks of stressing out over THE Parson's Challenge, a collection of three art pieces that basically make or break my entry to the premier fashion college there is, I'm Done! It came to me the last minute of coarse.....but its no more art deadlines, no scurrying around, and hyperventilating over the stress. I'm actually starting to have faith and believe that i have a great shot of getting into Parsons, it scares me a little that its happening but im excited that everything is falling into place finally after for such a long time i felt like my life was in shambles. As soon as i have pictures i will post, but Avoir for now -practicing my french for my paris trip!

I Saw The Sign!

So last night i had a revelation , and i started to create....with shells! i made these uber chic candle holders out of seashells they are just stunning and i m kind of obsesed with them, as soon as i can i will be posting pics! very excited about this, and now im not stuck but im starting to see cleared ideas for the spring collection ,i m so close to finding "IT" i can taste it.......!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day In The Life.....

So today i wore one of my original designs to school today to take a picture for fashion class. I got to tell you its a feeling like no other wearing something that you made , and seeing someone else wear your item ( like in my mini runway show) is just a total out of body experience, even if its for a short time ;). I love clothes, i love what i do, and sometimes i get tired and i want to give up but i gotta keep my eye on the prize , as there are no dress rehersals in life so i gotta go for my dreams and get them!I hope your dreams come true too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking For Inspiration

I'm currently working on my spring collection that i plan to launch sometime in may. I always like to look back on my previous work to get inspiration. I think of the seasons, and i love to look at old pictures of my late-great grandma from the 1920's.....Sometimes im sure of what i want to do, and other times i stall until the last possible minute,usually it comes to me when i least expect it, its such a great moment when i find "IT".for now the search continues.......
I launched my first ever collection- FALL '09 at my schools annual fashion show benefiting Breast Cancer Awarness & Research, I love doing something fun that gives back. It was Such a fun night....I hope many more runway shows to come ;)
I also made centerpieces for the tables, I recycled vintage purses that i found at my local thrift store cleaned them up and took hydrangers from my tree outside, dried & sprayed them and stuck them in with some branches for an earthy look.

cream tweed skirtsuit, modernized chanel skirtsuit, and tweed knit separates. im just crazy for tweed, its rare also, there is barley any when i go to the garment district and it can be pricey.....last time i went to get my tweed i had to bargain with the guy he was relentless but finally worked with me he was pissed off though because he threw my change at me LOL.

My 3 -in-1 dress the overlay & belt detatches

two of the ready-to wear looks
handmade organza roses and vintage jewelry sewn onto the garments.
Thanks for looking! I look foward to sharing my adventures in fashion with you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Confessions of a Fashionista

" The best any of us can do is play the hand we've been given, not quit, and accessorize what we've got"- Carrie, Sex And The City

I'm sitting here on a cold monday night trying to find inspiration for my ongoing and future projects my upcoming spring collection, The Parson's Challenge- thats due errr soon..gotta get on that.,..and everything else that is buzzing in my head at the moment. Stop! i hate mondays and frankly they should be taken off the calender , nothing great ever happens on a monday.all i can think of is seashells, sand, florals, totes, maxi dresses, pearls, oohh, platform sandals,short shifts, pink, green, black, brown, what to do with it, it will come it always does just never convientley- the downside of the creative process....
well ta-ta for now its time for my cold cream and beauty sleep