Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2010 Prints!

Hello! The Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2010 has just launched, to be honest I'm not overly impressed. I usually like the resort/ spring-summer lines better for some reason. But this post is focusing on the prints, which i love. I focus on details, i love searching for the hidden Lillys in all the prints! I don't know where my life is going to take me, but I do know that I would love being a print designer for Lilly someday, or even Creative Director.

Pulled this from, I adore this design board. This is something I do when I design- its the only way to lay out all your materials.

Don't Be Koi- Not in love with this print, just like it for now.

Let's Get Ginky- Love the colors in this print. Blue always looks good on me.

Serenity- Love, Love, Love this print! Sad that its only on a shirtdress for now :(
What Do You Think Of The Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2010 Collection? Am I just a picky shopper? I was in love with the originals collection this year, but this just isn't hitting me the same way.
**** TINA LYONS- Please Claim Your Giveaway Prize!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Weeks Away From The Big Move

Hello! Its a bit hectic over here, there is so much left to do & shop for. I move to Manhattan in Three Weeks from today! The good thing is I'm not going too far, I'm only a hour away so my parents can make a few trips to get me settled. I still need to buy my Mac Computer, Itouch, a mini fridge , TV & digital camera. I'm electronically chalenged so i'm having trouble deciding on these purchases. And I still need to get my wardrobe together- i'm not bringing everything. First ill bring some summery things to get me through the first few weeks then i can come home on a weekend and switch some shoes and clothes. I can't decide what shoes to bring, i only get to bring around 10 pairs (that's what fits in my closet organizer thing i bought from homegoods) but i own over 65 pairs, i know that sounds bad...don't judge me. Its going to be sad leaving my room behind, my yorkie & my comforts of home. I wanted this so bad and now its here, unbelieveable. I've been waiting for this my whole life. I don't even know why people do drugs this feeling of following your heart, your dreams is really incredible. I'm the happiest i've been in a very long time. Thanks to my wonderful parents, i'm not stressed about the financial burden of going to college. Three Weeks!

Here is the Pile of stuff that i have been getting together in my guest room. Picked up the cutest Tiffany Blue Towels at Tar-get the other night & bonus they were super cheap!
So I hit Century 21 & TjMaxx the other day, here me out i had gift cards from TJ i picked up the Shoeties (shoe-booties hybrid). So cute, a city must have, a great price i had to have them. At Century 21, i picked up this Marc Jacobs Bathing suit now i need to get to the beach asap to flaut this beauty & i snagged this Milly sweater for more than 65% its original price!
****Tina Lyons Please contact me so i can ship you your giveaway goodies!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lilly On Madison

I am in love with The Madison Avenue Lilly Pulitzer Store! They just re-vamped it when i last visit. Everything is so colorful & fun!

Walking up the stairs to the second floor. The rug is in "Loopy Lilly" print, & original paintings of the prints are framed and displayed. Love, Love, Love!
There are paintings everywhere on the walls, this one is a portrait of Lilly herself.

Love this line: " If these prints could talk".....

Love the vintage suitcase, i have two on display in my bedroom!

Now lets talk about the dressing obsessed! hand painted & gold rivets to bring it to another level.
also, next store is a amazing french chocolate shop & tea room that has the most amazing treats.
Tina Leong - contact me with your information so i can send you your giveaway goodies!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My 18th Birthday !

Yesterday was my 18th birthday! We all went out to dinner, and got dressed up. My bff Gaballaa showed up to my house with some surprises!

My face when i saw the surprise!I'm wearing a black cocktail dress from froever21 & black heels from target & a custom made vintage jewelry set- necklace worn as belt.
Faboulous Balloons! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! And Gaballa brought my a hot pink boa & tiara to wear out too!

Gabbs with her fruit smoothie!

Me & Gabballlaa all dressed up, love, love, love her trench. She looks so London Chic!
I'm so blessed to have a best friend, & a amazing one like gabby!
Love you Gabbss Cheers to many more years & memories together!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me! & Winner Of TFD's First Giveaway!

So I put all the entries in my bermuda bag cover & pulled one out....Drumroll please ..The winner of The Fashionista Diaries' First Giveaway is...Tina Lyons. Cheers! Email me( your info so i can ship your prize out to you first thing tomorrow.
The prize is:
A pack of 5 paris notecards made by me also sold in my etsy shop- fabulousfashionista.
Kate Spade's Style book
& A Lilly Pulitzer Juice Stand Print Wristlet!
Sharing the Lilly Love on my Birthday! I'm 18 today!

So YesterdayTo Kick off my Birthday Celebrations Me & the family headed to Lilly Pulitzer On Madison Avenue( i had a gift card from graduation & they were having a sale!) & Then we headed to The MET , I was so disapointed that the Costume Institute exibit was closed- but it gives me a excuse to go back! Then after Lilly we stopped in this french chocolate shop next door to pick up some macarrons, & we got to taste some chocolate samples. I died and went to heaven. Today I'm spending the day with my BFF Gaballlaaa & then out to dinner with the family later tonight.
I did a decent amount of damage...I picked up the Delphina dress (on sale!), agenda- a must for college, & Pandamonium cosmetic cases& shorts!!- a new shipment! You all know i'm obbsessedd with the Pandamonium print!& picked up two books at the Met that i just had to have.

A sneak peak of the inside of Lilly on Madison....I will be doing a post just about the inside of this store. Ahhmaazzinggg, prints everywhere. I'm obsessed.

So what did i wear yesterday? The Worth Shift in Pandamonium & My vintage straw tote. This was my attempt to pose in front of the MET, not my best shot- but at least you all can get a good view of my outfit.

Friday, July 23, 2010

One Door Closes, Another One Opens

So i have a very cool story to share with you all today. So last weekend my uncle, his girlfriend & my cousin were in Montauk, LI in a restaurant having dinner. My uncle spots Betsey Johnson at another table having dinner with her new husband. My uncle asks the waitor if there's anyway he can try to get a autograph for me, his neice. He sends her a drink. Betsey says come on over and they all chat , she was super nice. & the best part, my uncle told her about me how i'm obsessed with fashion, i'm a student at Parsons- which she was impressed with, & that i blog. She said i want her to intern for me! When i got the autograph in my hands, i almost died. She wrote INTERN with me. INTERN. This is Huge! As soon as i'm settled in the city i'm sending my ressume to Betsey! ( none of us can figure out why she wrote love daddy on the autograph, maybe that drink my uncle sent her made her a bit loopy, just saying).

The Autograph, yes its framed!

So today was the last day of my summer classes at Parsons, An ending to another chapter. This summer was such a amazing experience. I wasn't thrilled when i first learned i had to come over the summer as part of my acceptance to Parsons, but i feel so prepeared for college now. I know my neighborhood, I know the building & i already have my coffee spot! I met so many interesting people this summer from all over the world. Gonna miss all of them. Yesterday We took a feild trip to the Chelsea Galleries. Took some pictures of what i saw...

Sculpture, how cool is this? why can't all cleaning products be chic?!


Today at our class exibit. The Parents came & we strolled around looking at everyone's artwork.What I'm wearing: Pink chiffon ruffle dress from urban outfitters over leggings from forever21 , Necklace from J.Crew & satchel from Target.decided not to wear the vintage Chanel last minute, i needed more room for my stuff! My whole outfit was with inexpensive pieces today, i didn't even plan it! Cheap & Chic!
One Door Closes, Another One Opens
Goodbye High School , Parsons Summer Classes
Hello, College & Manhattan!
Anouncing the winner of the giveaway on sunday, which is my 18th birthday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parsons, Day 15,16&17!

Hello! The last few days i have been painting , painting & painting! Everyday i find myself covered in oil paint from head to toe- it just gets everywhere! Yesterday i did some shopping after class, i hit Urban Outfitters with a friend that gets a employee discount , it was like i had my own private sale! & guess what i just found out?! no Tax on clothing in NYC! I left with a dress & ruffle vest for $70- i paid $35 each- originally $58 each piece was before the discount! Im taking a day of rest today, skipping class i'm just so exausted- i'm getting run down . Tomorrow we pick our pieces that will go in the exibit on friday & are taking a feild trip to a gallery in Chelsea. Thinking of what i'm going to wear tomorrow and friday. So many choices, i'm not sure of what look i want to go for. I will be anouncing the winner of the giveaway on Sunday, also my birthday! As of now its about three weeks until i make my big move to Manhattan! So excited, theres still so much i have to shop for. Kind of overwhelmed , Can't believe how blessed i am ! My landscape Painting


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Events, Giveaway & An Award !

Hello! let me fill you all in on weekend , so yesterday i brought my friend Jojo from Saudi Arabia home for the day to show her my neighborhood. I showed her the shopping at Cold Spring Harbor, and the beach on Centre Island. I loved hearing about Arabic culture and customs. Though we live across the world from each other, we have a lot in common.

What I'm wearing: Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts in Fresh Catch Of The Day Toile Print, with a white tank & Necklaces designed & made by me with vintage beads.
Me & Jojo on Centre Island
The Fashionista Diaries First Ever Giveaway!
Up for grabs is :
a set of 5 Paris note cards ( sold in my etsy shop)-Kate Spade's STYLE book, a must for any Fashionista! - & A Lilly Pulitzer Juice Stand Wristlet!
So if you are a follower you already have a entry- for the more followers you recruit, the more entries you get. You will get an additional entry to the giveaway for every person you recruit to follow the blog. Let me know who & how many you recruited so i can keep a tally of your entries!
Also, comment on this post with your go-to summer outfit for another entry.
And lastly, Blog about this giveaway to a entry! I will pick the winner at random. more entries increase your chances!
The Winner Of The Giveaway Will be announced in one week from now, July 25th - also my birthday!
Yesterday I was so excited to see that I was given the Sugar Doll Blogger Award by Persians & Pulitzer! Thank You! Upon receiving this award- i am supposed to share 10 things you don't know about me with my readers, so here it is:
1. I am a only child.
2. I own over 65 pairs of shoes & 75 + handbags, I know its a problem.
3. I had a run in with Leighton Meester from gossip girl, and she snubbed me.
4.Touring Lilly Pulitzer headquarters last year has been one of the most amazing experiences i have had , i still talk about it, my mother still rolls her eyes.
5. I feel completely relaxed only when I'm shopping- its my release.
6. My car is monogramed.
7.One of my life goals is to own a Hermes Birkin bag.
8. Nick Cannon is the nicest celebrity i have ever met, met him during the filming of Nickelodeon's Halo Awards.
9. I wore a backbrace for 3 years for Scoliosis , going through this illness was the hardest thing i ever had to do. Not only am i fighter, but a survivor.
10. I hate to fly, totally freaks me out- something im working on, i love to travel.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Parsons Day 14!

Hello! I'm very excited to share with you all my most recent assignment, a colorful still life. Well when i think of brights i think of all my Lillys! So i decided to paint a still life of my originals pencil me in case in ten ton bouquet , Wink perfume & playing cards. Here's the process of the painting. I'm very pleased with it- im thinking of painting lilly prints on canvas and putting them up on etsy, when i get a spare moment that is.
One of the many ways i lead a colorful life:

I'm anouncing the giveaway over the very soon! Enjoy the weekend, what are your plans? Tomorrow I'm showing a international friend my neighborhood, so excited!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parsons Day 13!

Hello! Started off my day today with setting the toaster oven on fire, whoppsie! Daddy took care of it before the kitchen cabinets went up in flames. Working on a still life painting in class of my Lilly Pulitzer Wink perfume, Playing Cards & pencil me in case! will post a picture when its done, Keeping this post short - im so tired & i have some drawing to do tonight!
Scene in a elevator today- Going down to get coffee- one of my mexican classmates was trying to change her shirt in time before we got to the bottom, well the elevator was making a unexpected stop back to our floor- she wraps her shirt around her, while other one is holding the shirt she changed out of her, thinking its out friends getting in the elevator she throws the shirt at the elevator door as it starts to open. It wasn't our friends, a random guy was standing there! She grabs the shirt back just in time!LOL
So i did a little shopping today, hit a thrift shop picked up this vintage birkin look a like beauty for almost nothing! I also been working on the giveaway goodies- stay tunned!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Parsons Day 12!

Hello All! Had another exausting train- Daddy drove me in & out of the city today, big mistake we sat in traffic for two hours each way! Somehow i managed to get my painting done though, here it is:

Oil on Canvas- drapery still life

In the process- before being completed

The actual still life, My Blue rebecca taylor silk top draped over a purse of mine.

Painting done today in class.
I think i may be all painted out. I did 4 paintings in 3 days!
I'm so excited that i've hit 50 followers, you know what that means giveaway time! I shopped for it today on my lunch break, i will post giveaway info friday. Thank You everyone for your love & support of this blog! Leave me a comment or send me a email, i love hearing from all of you.
Time for the undereye serum & cold cream

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parsons Day 11!

Hello All!Today was day two of painting! I was covered in paint from head to - toe, then i had to run to the art supply store 5 blocks away to pick up some paint thinner and it started to pour. I was soaked, my hair got frizzy and curly the rest of the day i was channeling a shlepp. Thank the lord i was able to catch a cab within seconds after class giving me enough time to grab a magazine on my way to the track. Tonight's hw assignment is to work on a still life covered by a draping of fabric over the course of 2 nights so at least i dont have to rush this one.

Monday's Class painting- pepper black & white still life.
Last night's still life homework- Finished!

Had to post a picture of this- You know my word " Shlepp "- well im stepping out of the deli with my iced coffee in tow and i see this. LOL Today i had to make 2 coffee runs again, i think this may become a routine.
Thank You everyone fro your words of encouragement & support. It is because of all of you that this little blog is now growing! Stay tunned & don't forget to comment & hit the follow button. I love hearing from all of you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Parsons Day 10!

Hello All! Today has been yet another exausting day, Daddy drove me in to the city so i got to snooze for a bit- then it was time to work! We started painting today in class. I have been oil painting for around two years so none of the lesson was new to me, but this was a chance to sharpen up my skills. I made two coffee runs to get through todays 6 hour long painting- don't worry i only drink decaff! I had to schleepp all of my drawing supplies home today because we had to clean out our lockers to make room for today's painting if you dont lock it up properly it can be destroyed, or thrown out. So this left me schleeping a huge portfolio case, drawing board, three pads of newsprint, a paint box, my lunch bag and oh yeah my huge day tote down fifth avenue to try to catch a cab to Penn Station. It took me about 5 minutes to get into the cab with all my crap, i kid you not. I don't know how, but somehow i managed to make my train just in time. Tonight's homework assignment is a 4 hour painting, again i kid you not. So why am i blogging? well the paint has to dry in between layers of shading or it turns into one puddle of mud, and i'm almost done anyway, im giving it another hour then calling it a day. The teach will never know, this fashionista needs her beauty sleep ok!

Drawing i put up in a previous post- painting this for tonight's homework assignment.
Thursday Nights Hw- which i aced . The teacher loved it!

another ink drawing

Tonight's Homework assignment- almost done, i will post a picture of the finished product !

Picked up some Kate Spade Stationary today at Kate's Paperie- conveinintly located right next to Parsons! I'm obsessed i go in there almost everyday during my 15- minute break!
Can't Wait For Another Day At Parsons ! Any Artists Out There?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Parsons Day 6,7,8&9!

Sorry for lack of posts- This week has been crazy busy, I have been so tired! So let me fill you all in, Tuesday we sketched from a live model- this time we were given a male model, he was young & hot! My mexican classmates were talking about him in spanish, we were all gigiling the entire time. The poor guy was so nervous he started to shake!Also the air conditioning broke, so not only we but our model was sweating pools. Then, being the clutz i am, i tripped into the light and broke it- now me and five of the girls are scrambiling to try to fix this damn light before our teacher comes back. That was a fail.
Wednesday, I found out that i didn't get my single dorm room i was hoping for- I'm getting a roomate. I'm a big believer in fate, maybe ill meet someone that will change my life for the better- I'm embracing it! One of my mexican classmates snapped a picture of our teacher during lecture, we were all laughing and he had no clue to what was going on.
On Thursday, my drawing got held up as a "great example" from my teacher- what a relief from yesterday's scold for being too simple. One of the mexicans stated that she didn't have her homework because she left her drawing outside to dry and forgot it, our teacher said " I didn't know charcol had to dry" LOL.
Yesterday our class took a trip to the Metropolitan Museam Of Art in the afternoon , and in the morning we took a trip to a art supply store to shop for paints. Yesterday I was such a clutz- even more than on other days for some reason. I lost my ID card only to find out it was waiting for me at the security desk where i dropped it, then as i'm ranting about losing my card some random guy is like you are so from Jersey, well longisland - close! LOL Then i dropped my fruit all over the palce. And somehow i managed to get myself lost in the Met - i managed to find the gift shop, thank god and i picked up the cutest shoe notecards. I also rode the subway for the second time, i officially hate the subway, its crowded, dirty and just gross. I'm sticking with cabs & the occassional bus ride. So that was my week!


A Monet painting at the met.
One of my HW assignments- in ink & pencil

Another assignment in red conte crayon
Another still life in conte crayon

My adorable shoe notecards from the met!