Saturday, July 10, 2010

Parsons Day 6,7,8&9!

Sorry for lack of posts- This week has been crazy busy, I have been so tired! So let me fill you all in, Tuesday we sketched from a live model- this time we were given a male model, he was young & hot! My mexican classmates were talking about him in spanish, we were all gigiling the entire time. The poor guy was so nervous he started to shake!Also the air conditioning broke, so not only we but our model was sweating pools. Then, being the clutz i am, i tripped into the light and broke it- now me and five of the girls are scrambiling to try to fix this damn light before our teacher comes back. That was a fail.
Wednesday, I found out that i didn't get my single dorm room i was hoping for- I'm getting a roomate. I'm a big believer in fate, maybe ill meet someone that will change my life for the better- I'm embracing it! One of my mexican classmates snapped a picture of our teacher during lecture, we were all laughing and he had no clue to what was going on.
On Thursday, my drawing got held up as a "great example" from my teacher- what a relief from yesterday's scold for being too simple. One of the mexicans stated that she didn't have her homework because she left her drawing outside to dry and forgot it, our teacher said " I didn't know charcol had to dry" LOL.
Yesterday our class took a trip to the Metropolitan Museam Of Art in the afternoon , and in the morning we took a trip to a art supply store to shop for paints. Yesterday I was such a clutz- even more than on other days for some reason. I lost my ID card only to find out it was waiting for me at the security desk where i dropped it, then as i'm ranting about losing my card some random guy is like you are so from Jersey, well longisland - close! LOL Then i dropped my fruit all over the palce. And somehow i managed to get myself lost in the Met - i managed to find the gift shop, thank god and i picked up the cutest shoe notecards. I also rode the subway for the second time, i officially hate the subway, its crowded, dirty and just gross. I'm sticking with cabs & the occassional bus ride. So that was my week!


A Monet painting at the met.
One of my HW assignments- in ink & pencil

Another assignment in red conte crayon
Another still life in conte crayon

My adorable shoe notecards from the met!


  1. Love those cards! I always find some of the neatest things at the MET; in the gift shop and in the museum itself!

  2. I know! can't wait to go back you need days to see it all! xoxoxo