Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Parsons Day 12!

Hello All! Had another exausting train- Daddy drove me in & out of the city today, big mistake we sat in traffic for two hours each way! Somehow i managed to get my painting done though, here it is:

Oil on Canvas- drapery still life

In the process- before being completed

The actual still life, My Blue rebecca taylor silk top draped over a purse of mine.

Painting done today in class.
I think i may be all painted out. I did 4 paintings in 3 days!
I'm so excited that i've hit 50 followers, you know what that means giveaway time! I shopped for it today on my lunch break, i will post giveaway info friday. Thank You everyone for your love & support of this blog! Leave me a comment or send me a email, i love hearing from all of you.
Time for the undereye serum & cold cream

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