Saturday, July 3, 2010

Parsons Day 3,4 & 5

Hello! Sorry to leave you all hanging- the last few days i have been running on fumes- I've been so tired, just going through the motions. All of this is really exausting,but I love every minute of it! Thursday my exaustion started to show, my hair was a mess & i looked schleppy overall. One of my classmates turned to me while we were drawing and said to me " You look tired". - Thats because I am! I'm a tad behind on some of my work & sleep, but ill be back to myself on tuesday after the three day weekend.
Here is the view from my bus stop, i get to see every morning on my way to school. I love the city, I can't wait to live here full time. I just found out that Mary- Kate & Ashley Olsen live on the same block as my dorm! (where i will be moving into at the end of august). Still figuring out where I'm going to put all my shoes.

Yesterday the class took a feild trip to Fort Tryon Park, all the way Uptown at 190th street, past Harlem i believe. I had my first Subway experience. Ever. Of course being me, i had to misplace my metrocard holding up the class for a good 10 minutes,yep. Then got stuck in the door on the way in and out.I'm such a clutz One of my mexican classmates, said to me " Iknow you are always saying your sorry". LOL. Then on the way out when i got stuck in the door with my portfolio case for the second time, the guy behind me had to push my portfolio case to get me un-stuck, he didn't seem too thrilled to assist. I think ill stick with the bus when going across town for now.
Yesterday I got to sketch this beautiful landscape with an amazing view of the Hudson river, and the land across from it is New Jersey. The weather was beautiful, i got to have lunch alfresco. My favorite part of the city is that there are dogs all around , all kinds of dogs. I love dogs , and love getting to see so many breeds up close everyday. Also, Manhattan squirels are very friendly, i had one come right up to me. I tried to snap a picture to put up here, but it didn't cooperate. I have never had a squirel be so close to me ever. I also spotted a groundhog. I felt like i was in a forest or something. One of my mexican classmates said she felt like she was in Disneyland. It really was a serene, beautiful place. Its more intimate than Central Park, its a great place to go if you want some quiet within the city.

Under a beautiful arch on one of the walk ways.

Blue Hydrangers, my favorite flowers. So going in my wedding centerpieces & bouquet. I also already decided on my wedding colors, Blue & chocolate brown. Even though I'm single & probably a good twenty years away from going down the aisle, I still like planning these things in my head. LOL.

My International classmates are a hoot. Ever hear of mexican time? usually around a half hour later than regulare time. The girls always run late, understandable since in mexico they take siestas, afternoon naps & the lifestyle is more relaxed than New York. Our teacher said its hard trying to run a class on " Mexican Time". LOL. I give these girls alot of credit for leaving there country , alone without their parents to come take classes in somewhere so foreign to them.The other day i met a girl that came all the way from Saudia Arabia to study at Parsons for the summer, wow. I would be too scared to venture out alone in a foreign country. I thought the subway was gross frankly, but one of my mexican classmates screamed when a dripping of who-the-heck-knows what almost hit her.& after drawing she declared " ughh I look so messy!" I'm so in my element- I was always the fussy one at school. Not now, There are others out there like me! LOL
Where are you going & What are you wearing for the Fourth of July? I'm going to be in Lilly, relaxing on Centre Island!


  1. Have a Wicked Good Holiday.
    Great Post.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post! Enjoy the fourth! xoxoxo