Friday, July 23, 2010

One Door Closes, Another One Opens

So i have a very cool story to share with you all today. So last weekend my uncle, his girlfriend & my cousin were in Montauk, LI in a restaurant having dinner. My uncle spots Betsey Johnson at another table having dinner with her new husband. My uncle asks the waitor if there's anyway he can try to get a autograph for me, his neice. He sends her a drink. Betsey says come on over and they all chat , she was super nice. & the best part, my uncle told her about me how i'm obsessed with fashion, i'm a student at Parsons- which she was impressed with, & that i blog. She said i want her to intern for me! When i got the autograph in my hands, i almost died. She wrote INTERN with me. INTERN. This is Huge! As soon as i'm settled in the city i'm sending my ressume to Betsey! ( none of us can figure out why she wrote love daddy on the autograph, maybe that drink my uncle sent her made her a bit loopy, just saying).

The Autograph, yes its framed!

So today was the last day of my summer classes at Parsons, An ending to another chapter. This summer was such a amazing experience. I wasn't thrilled when i first learned i had to come over the summer as part of my acceptance to Parsons, but i feel so prepeared for college now. I know my neighborhood, I know the building & i already have my coffee spot! I met so many interesting people this summer from all over the world. Gonna miss all of them. Yesterday We took a feild trip to the Chelsea Galleries. Took some pictures of what i saw...

Sculpture, how cool is this? why can't all cleaning products be chic?!


Today at our class exibit. The Parents came & we strolled around looking at everyone's artwork.What I'm wearing: Pink chiffon ruffle dress from urban outfitters over leggings from forever21 , Necklace from J.Crew & satchel from Target.decided not to wear the vintage Chanel last minute, i needed more room for my stuff! My whole outfit was with inexpensive pieces today, i didn't even plan it! Cheap & Chic!
One Door Closes, Another One Opens
Goodbye High School , Parsons Summer Classes
Hello, College & Manhattan!
Anouncing the winner of the giveaway on sunday, which is my 18th birthday!

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