Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scene In A Elevator

Setting: The infamous crowded elevator at Parsons.
Me, two classmates: two girls, one boy.

Boy: Look at us, we're never going to find boyfriends with the way we look everyday.
Me: It really doesn't matter, take me as I am, I'm a artist.
Boy: Look at you with your phone coming out of your boob.
Me: I always keep my phone in my bra!


If you saw me on the street yesterday, it wasn't pretty. I was about to drop dead of exhaustion, wet ( we had torrential rain this week). My hair was a complete mess & yes my phone was in my bra, like it always is. Its fine now, I blow dried my hair. All is well in the world.
Sometimes I think, Is this the life I want? Full of pressure & stress? The answer is yes. No matter how tired or frustrated I may get, I will pull through. I wouldn't have it any other way. Creating is what gets me up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. Follow your heart, do what you love - I have and I haven't regretted a minute of it.....


Monday, September 27, 2010

The End Of Broccoli

This is the final part of my Broccoli analysis project for 3D class. Using " planar" materials, re: anything flat paper, wood ..etc & using Linear materials to make connections. Yeah I could have used cardboard but what fun would that be? So I recycled clothing tags..i'm a hoarder I save them. & picked up the perfect trim, using spray adhesive & a needle & thread I sewed each layer by hand. The crown of the broccoli is cut up Juicy Couture Tags & trim. It was scary to think looking at all the tags, this is really how much Juicy I own/ used to wear! LOL . Yes at the age of 11 I became hooked to Juicy. basically all I wore to school were the tracksuits!  Thank The Lord, I am getting so tired of making Broccoli out of everything. Last week I made a Broccoli model out of pasta & ribbon, and the week before that I made one out of wire. Enough! I'm ready for our next project, excited to see what it will be tomorrow! Tuesday is my crazy day...wish me luck 4 straight classes then mega mix at the gym which I have to go to because I haven't been to the gym in a week which is a problem! I need to stay skinny!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sifting Through Buttons, Ribbons & Trims!

yesterday I hit the garment it there, its like a treasure trove! Working on some projects today....I have a long day ahead of me.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coming To A TV Near You....

As I have talked about before, I myself have been afflicted with Scoliosis, as is my grandmother. I went through extensive bracing treatment for three years, and after all that pain & hard work I'm happy to say I haven't had any issues with my back in quite a few years (knock on wood). There is no cure for Scoliosis, it is a chronic illness. There hasn't been much exposure for Scoliosis over the years until recently. I am a participant in The National Scoliosis Association & The Curvy Girls - a teen support group. ( don't try googling us or you might find some other things pop up. LOL). Last year Curvy Girls was approached by nickelodeon to do a interview , or so we thought. Well we were all in for a surprise...Our group Leader & Friend Leah was awarded a Teen Nick Halo Award! Leah was given $10,000 for college & The National Scoliosis Association was given $10,000 to go towards research. Since the airing of the program..Scoliosis has been getting so much awareness & exposure. 

 Backstage with The Curvy Girls! ( we had no clue what was going on!)
 During The " Awards" . We were thrilled when The National Scoliosis Association was given $ 10,000 for research. Little by little we are taking steps towards finding a cure.
      after the surprise, with Nick Cannon... He was by far the nicest celebrity I have ever met. ( i decided this after chatting with him.)
 So Its been one year since filming,  & there's a update commercial being aired on Teen Nick, I was just told by a friend of a friend that saw it today. The link for the video is below. I just watched it...All the girls look great...notice I am in one of my own designs & towards the end of my friend Leah is holding my sketches that I did for our upcoming book. ( in progress.)


When Life Throws You Curves, Stand Tall.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

I've had weddings on my mind for a while now...I obsessively watch Say Yes To The Dress & Platinum Weddings. I already have my wedding colors picked out. Coincidentally my favorite book of all time is Something Blue by Emily Giffin, though this book doesn't have much to do with a wedding. For 3D class I had to design & make a sculpture out of Planar materials ( anything flat.) So I decided to go for my go-to rosettes in tissue paper this time & put it all together in a ball shape, reminiscent of the bridal bouquet. To have it hold its shape i had to go around and sew the tissue in place, I discovered today that you can sew tissue paper! Tomorrow afternoon I hand in this beauty. 
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My Day In Pictures

Picked up a much needed Jewelry tree at think I got enough jewelry. Confession this isn't even the half of it...the rest is resting in my house...I miss the rest of my collection. Andrea enjoying her gelato. I ate Gelato Twice today. Andrea made me have the delicious gelato with her, then later in the day when my Mother was visiting we got some again. I'm gonna get myself to Lucille Roberts ASAP!
We ate Gelato in ice cream cone chairs...adorable! so cute I had to snap a few pictures!
We hit Pookie this morning to snap some pictures for the store blog & facebook page.

Today I got to go to Limelight marketplace. Love , Love, Love. This may be my new hangout. Candy dresses, patterns, vintage, beauty, Lesportsac, mini cakes, gelato & many more amazing things can be found here. Its a itty bitty mini Manhattan mall. You must go, its worth the trip. In fact Ill probably be going there again tomorrow with a friend for coffee. 
This is my day in pictures, where I went , what I did & what I wore.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where's My Coffee?

Beyond exhausted today. Surprise, Surprise.It took two huge cups of coffee for me to function this morning and I still ended up making a bunny on adobe illustrator, that was supposed to look like a bird. Really excited though. Loving working on Pookie's Facebook page, Please friend us! & tomorrow on my day off I'm going to the stores to snap some pictures & start writing the store blog! When everything is all up and running ill post the links, so you all can follow! today was tough work wise, but I got a lot done.

close up
abstract sculpture of linear materials : straws, ribbon & jeweled tooth picks
my wire broccoli next to my broccoli that I made today with pasta, gift wrap, ribbon among other things.
saw this at Nordstrom rack last night
so amazing I had to take a picture and share it with all of you!


A Day In The Life...

What A Manic Monday...
Drawing Class 9 am - 2:40 am
ran to the copy place & Crumbs bakery
3:15- surprised Maddie with cupcake for her birthday, I had a candle but I almost put my desk on fire trying to light it, so no to that.
Work, Work, Work!
7 pm- got all decked out, put on my black suede over the knee boots...Hit Forever21 & out to Dinner with the birthday girl. Got hit on by a 40 year old. LOL!
10:30 Pinkberry. Must I say more, I might have to go there everyday.
11 pm - beautify myself.
12:30 am- Blog !!!

Pookie News!: I am now in control of the store's facebook page & am in the process of starting a store blog. So excited! Please, Please, Please. Pretty Please. Friend "Me" Pookieand Sebastian on Facebook. I'm trying to get the page going & make it interactive. Here's the link:
above is the print I'm going foward with for the clothing tags. Gonna mix it up with a few color combos and such. thinking pink/brown, light blue/brown.

I'm super exhausted, tomorrow's my crazy day four classes in a row 9am-6pm then mega mix at lucille roberts- gotta stay skinny!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running on Fumes

That's right, I said it. I'm running on fumes. I'm tired everyday. I'm not complaining, just whining a little, its just what I do. I'm waiting to reveal some of my ongoing/upcoming projects on here. For now though, I've been bringing in my fall wardrobe , what a Shlep!!! We had to make two trips and bring all my shoes in on Saturday. On that note I cannot wait to wear my Over The Knee Suede boots , which to wear first black or brown? Like that's my biggest decision..seems so trivial compared to everything else I have been thinking about! I have not had time to shop at all, but here and there...what have you been obsessed with this season? What's on my Fall must wear list:
Over The Knee Boots
Tights- dying to get my hands on navy ones, must make a trip to TjMaxx
Sweater- coats...perfect for the changing season
platform booties- I'm trying to take it easy on this one I gotta watch with my back!
Gold Accessories
& I'm completely obsessed with my l-o-v-e necklace from & my two friends all have matching ones & the best part- it was $3.80!
Tomorrow morning you will find me up bright & early with a huge cup of coffee, A very large sketchpad under my arm , wearing my Chanel Flats & sling bag - & Huge sunglasses to hide the bags underneath my eyes...The life of a artist!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hell No.

Guess Where I went Today? You'll never Believe this!?!........what I wore & what I did:

So today I had a complete change of plans. I woke up super late f-ing up my schedule for the day, but then I got a ring form my friend Maddie & She Had A EXTRA TICKET TO THE MILLY FASHION SHOW. I pushed everything around today, this is something you change your day for. Its Milly for crying out loud. I ran to do my have to do errands, then raced in and out of cabs to get to the salon get my hair and nails done, then run back to get dressed. Maddie made me step out of my modest comfort zone, but I'm glad I did.I wore a mini- dress with no leggings or tights, a grey topper sweated which covered my butt- don't worry Mom! & platform booties. I only had a almost flashing incident getting out of the cab. I finished off my outfit with my Milly for Clinique clutch , figures the one Milly dress I own is at home in Long Island.We headed to Lincoln Center, walked in the wrong building first, we would. then we entered the correct building, checked in and then we had to separate our seats were not together. It was ok I chatted with a French guy that was a buyer. I saw Ramona Singer! Her skirt was way shorter than mine, just saying. She looked great!We sipped on mini bottles of Fiji water and headed out...there was so much going on Essie Manicure stations, bars with every drink you can imagine, even a blogging section that was 10 deep! On our way out a publicist chatted us up, gave me his card said he works with Ke$ha, no big deal. Then He said to my friend Maddie, he thought he saw her at the shows during the week. Ha! Then we are walking to get out, out this time and Paparatzzi jumps in front of us and starts taking like 50 pictures of Maddie & I. What The Hell?! We are nobody. Then again Maddie looks alot like Resse Witherspoon, they might have thought it was her. Look out we might be is Us Weekly! LOL
The Clothes Were amazing, as I was watching the show I was getting the chills, seriously.
I took a ton of pictures as you all see.

Goodnight, I'm beyond Exhausted...might not have enough energy to go shopping...We will see.