Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coming To A TV Near You....

As I have talked about before, I myself have been afflicted with Scoliosis, as is my grandmother. I went through extensive bracing treatment for three years, and after all that pain & hard work I'm happy to say I haven't had any issues with my back in quite a few years (knock on wood). There is no cure for Scoliosis, it is a chronic illness. There hasn't been much exposure for Scoliosis over the years until recently. I am a participant in The National Scoliosis Association & The Curvy Girls - a teen support group. ( don't try googling us or you might find some other things pop up. LOL). Last year Curvy Girls was approached by nickelodeon to do a interview , or so we thought. Well we were all in for a surprise...Our group Leader & Friend Leah was awarded a Teen Nick Halo Award! Leah was given $10,000 for college & The National Scoliosis Association was given $10,000 to go towards research. Since the airing of the program..Scoliosis has been getting so much awareness & exposure. 

 Backstage with The Curvy Girls! ( we had no clue what was going on!)
 During The " Awards" . We were thrilled when The National Scoliosis Association was given $ 10,000 for research. Little by little we are taking steps towards finding a cure.
      after the surprise, with Nick Cannon... He was by far the nicest celebrity I have ever met. ( i decided this after chatting with him.)
 So Its been one year since filming,  & there's a update commercial being aired on Teen Nick, I was just told by a friend of a friend that saw it today. The link for the video is below. I just watched it...All the girls look great...notice I am in one of my own designs & towards the end of my friend Leah is holding my sketches that I did for our upcoming book. ( in progress.)


When Life Throws You Curves, Stand Tall.


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