Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous...Nope. Just feel like dropping dead.

Where Do I Start?

Tuesday, made quite a splash. Was The Star Of 2D class, by accident. woke up late, rolled out of bed and ran up the block to be told that I was the only one that did the homework fully and correctly. What a shocker. 3D, my fabric hamster wheel thing cover was reviewed. I was told that it was wrong, very screwed up but very interesting...the teacher loved it. She did say however that I was so trying to sell everyone oranges when they thought they were getting apples...meaning i was going to sell it as what is wrong with it, nothing? Busted, not really. Yes, its a bit screwy but its stunning and unique. My teacher used mine as a example to point out that there are other ways to doing things, and there's the right way and the other way which every time is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting. This has always been who I am, I rather produce work that different but me every time than " correct" and boring.

Wednesday, woke up home! headed to my dermatologist first thing to get a cortisone I now what its like to get botox not that bad. Hopped back on the train with mother & a very good family friend, who is a aunt to The Nate Berkus Show! Mother took up like half of the Q & A with Nate LOL,  one of the crew was like we kinda need the microphone back now.

yesterday...spotted Liv Tyler walking down my block!! Her skin was flawless. Me & Madeline were walking to pinkberry, we needed our fix ...people were stopping and taking pictures of ...Maddie looks alot like Reese Witherspoon so we thought we were having a Milly Show paparazzi re - peat LOL then we turned around and gasped together on cue LIV TYLER!

today all i did was shlepp to class in my juicy tracksuit, and clean my shit show of a room ...the place was making me nausea.

Drumroll Please.....The Winner Of The Giveaway is Sarah Gould Long..send me your information & ill ship out your goodies!

beyond to get some beauty sleep. The Vintage Flea Market is waiting for me !


Monday, October 25, 2010

A Walk In The Park...

Spent the day siting in Highline, sketching for drawing class. for six hours. Highline, is a sanctuary located above the streets of chelsea in nyc. It was beutiful, but the height of highline scared the shit out of me. it was a beautiful day, and i have to say my drawing came out great today, it did not look like a trash can thank you very much.
the beautiful view I sketched.

my drawing! I had a audience today, while showing some of my classmates my drawing , a crowd of people gathered around me staring in awe and complimenting me . People are so nice. 
another view, like my Tory Burch flats? just scored them for half off on ebay!

don't forget to enter the giveaway!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Whereabouts

Hit The vintage Flea markets again, thinking this is going to be my saturday routine, there's a overturn of amazing vintage finds and i love getting out walking around, and getting inspiration & ideas! Went to a two floor flea in chelsea...don't go it was a shitshow. I will never ever go back. But right across the street was New York Vintage, where Rachel Zoe goes when she's in town. Oh my word this store was amazing. Yes everything was suer expensive i'm talking about numbers hitting over $800 to well over a thousand for pieces but the stuff was impeccable everything was carefully cleaned and cared for before putting on the floor to sell. The selection from 60's cocktail dresses to coats, shoes, handbags, scarfs, jewelry. They had the biggest selection of vintage Emilio Pucci I have seen in one place. I wanted to take pictures so bad, but they had about 30 signs all over the store stating no pictures were allowed. If you're in NYC take a trip, just to look its a amazing collection of vintage, as a designer and artist its a great place for inspiration. I will be going back & hey you never know maybe ill run into Rachel Zoe one day! 

 some brocade closeups I snapped at the vintage flea! love the prints!

 Vintage magazines I scored for $5 each tried bargaining even lower but no budge! still an amazing deal!
 my fabric polyhedron cover...took up my friday & saturday night! but so worth it no rushing around & I'm pretty pleased with it so ready for tuesdays presentation. Bring it.

GIVEAWAY TIME! upon my travels I picked up a preppy pink & green koozie , pens & thermal mug to be given to one of you, my fabulous fans. So Contest Details , I will be picking a name out of a hat, you get one entry to being a follower of this blog, one for leaving a comment telling me what your favorite vintage/ and or family heirloom item that you treasure. And you will receive more entries for every person you get to follow this blog ! I will announce the winner next friday, October 29 the day before halloween!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

There's A Chill In The Air

Fall is officially here..its getting chilly here in NYC. Time to pull out the coats from the back of the closet. I just had a friend email me , asking me what's in right now, what kind of coat should she buy for the upcoming season? Let me tell you what's in my coat wardrobe.
Black trench- lightweight can be worn all seasons.
light nylon rain coat- even lighter than the trench good for really hot summer rainy days or to shove in your bag on crappy weather days.
fur- trimmed black parka-short, the long ones look good on no one, unless you are a eskimo of course.
peacoat, adorable, functional, can be worn from early fall to late winter giving this piece great use.
Please Don't Judge Me or Throw Blood On Me. Please. I'm A Nice Person. Really.
Rabbit bomber- black.
Mink Coat- currently waiting to visit the furrier unwearable at the moment.
A array of fall day coats: blazer, topper types perfect for the in between chill days.
I've been keeping warm with a vintage rabbit pom pom scarf lately since my last vintage scouting.
I plan to add a Rachel Zoe like fur vest to my collection soon or another fur.
If you're looking to expand or start your coat collection, Ill break it down. You need:
A waterproof rainy day jacket- may it be a trench.
A wool peacoat or puffy parka for cold weather.
A not too heavy topper for early fall days
I recommend sticking to neutrals, or buying a coat in a stunning classic color such as lipstick red, or tiffany blue( just got a coat in my favorite color). Yellow coats are tacky, run the other way when you see orange, and please hide too.

Tomorrow I'm hitting another Vintage Flea Market, wishing for amazing finds.

Giveaway to be announced.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Junkie

My Name Is Jenna Stern, and I'm a Vintage Junkie.

I love, love,love vintage. You just can't put a price on it. This is my lab project , a vintage old actresses dressing room, my lab partner is working on the floor and vanity which is being collaged with some old photos of my great grandmother.
Also, something exciting I was recently contacted by The Nate Berkus Show, I might be in a segment featuring thrift shopping and vintage. Nothings set in stone, still waiting to hear from the producers. Fingers Crossed! You know I would be in head to toe vintage lilly if I actually was going to be on primetime television.
Crazy busy as usual, giveaway to be announced soon!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Labels Or Love

Hit The Vintage Flea Market, saturday afternoon look at all the treasures!: 

 I was good, I only took home a more bags! You would have thought they all robbed a furrier there were fur coats, hats, scarfs left & right!

 Polyhedrons, The Five Platonic Solids.
 Wire Shit
 The $75 Hamster Wheel, well that is what it looks like...wish I knew someone with a hamster to gift to
Will post giveaway details soon- Getting it all together for you, my fabulous fans!

Adventures in the Laundry Room: I hate doing my laundry seriously considering dropping everything off at the wash & fold around the corner..anyway... there was a carbon monoxide scare, detect whatever while my delicates were in the dryer, The whole damn place was covered in caution tape just my luck...I did what I had to do: Broke in the caution tape to get my stuff and run out...and while moving things around there I believe I touched a Hot Pink Guy's Thong. Only at Parsons, Darlings, Only at Parsons.


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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tired, Try Beyond Exhausted.

I'm beyond exhausted. I fell asleep at 4:30 pm and woke up around 11:30 pm...and I'm still tired! I slept through dinner, hey now thats a diet trick sleep through your meals! Foundation hell is wearing me out. Being mentally tired is even more exhausting than being physically tired, in my opinion. Goodnight All! I can barley keep my eyes open...Its raining here again. Nice , like my hair isn't enough of a mess.

Also, this little blog hit 75 Followers! You know what that means- ITS GIVEAWAY TIME. Details to come!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monograms, Glue & A Pinch Of Glitter.

After exhausting day , I put aside some "me" time. I've had the itch to collage for a while but didn't have a spare minute. I'm starting a book of collages...kinda like a scrapbook but more along the lines of my ideas and inspirations...I think this would be a cool coffee table book for years to come, and look back on. I'm always thinking and shopping for the future...I plan to pass down my collection of stuff down to future generations. While shopping I think - this isn't just a purse it can be a future heirloom. Each and every day I'm getting better with the computer...I had err little trouble today in 2D class.. funny story, So I'm known for my big loud mouth ( I can't help it I'm Italian & from long island- & if you can believe my family is even louder than me). Well, during class ..i can't exactly remember if i was actually talking, whispering or mouthing, a classmate was telling me what keys to press from across the room...the teacher announces : Jenna,..just...stop. Talking. LOL...well the class was in a fit of hysterical laughter as was I ...hey I can laugh at myself.
3D was woodworking day apparently..I forgot how much I hated technology class until today. I had to cut itty bitty pieces of wood and put them together, I almost took one of my fingers off!

 The Lilly Page.
The cover of the book...had to put my Monogram, becoming more and more obsessed with monograms by the minute!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Good is Good and Bad is Bad.

Somethings not right, somethings off today I can feel it. I had such a creative block today, everything I drew today was I've had this confused , flustered feeling all day and I don't know why. I received my midterm review for 3D class...i was insulted at least lets say three times by the comments section. And then to top it all off today when I handed in my homework for drawing class my teacher said it looked like a trash can, as in the drawing sucks. yep. one for the books. trash can, well to be fair my teacher said it was a interesting trash can, at least I'm not boring ill take that. I still stand by my trashcan drawing. Gotta laugh, hysterical this is a first! LOL

 The "trashcan" drawing- still life of drapery ( scarfs hanging from my lamp)

some prints that I developed for the Pookie clothing tags....though I'm thinking of running in a different direction now, one word. Collage. I've never seen a collaged clothing tag, have you? maybe a custom Pookie all know how the prep in me loves monograms...I'm already known for being the Lilly girl here!

having curly unruly hair , I'm excited to announce that after years of struggling with the blow dryer I finally perfected giving myself a blow-out ...with the same bounce and volume as I get when I get my hair done! So even though I was covered in charcoal from head to toe today , at least my hair looked great! Still working on perfecting the manicure and pedicure...I can never paint my nails well...go figure.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Absolute Pandamonium!

Today has been a crazy- stressful day, I'm so glad its over- well almost I still have a bunch of things to do before going to sleep. My Pandamonium tote is the best it held all my crap today, no seams loose or torn ( like what usually happens to most of my bags that I put too much stuff in). Today I wore my matching shift too! I try to make fridays my Lilly day, though I wear Lilly on other days too, but on fridays I don't have messy studio work so I can dress up. One of my classmates asked me if she could take a picture of me to send to her boyfriend because he looks like a panda, haha so now some kid in Turkey got a picture of me in my Lilly! & you all know how I love winning contests, I won a $25 gift card from Under the palm tree a lilly via shop in of their facebook promotions, " favorite Quotes" I submitted my all time favorite life quote: " Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been given & accessorize what we got." the question of the day is what am I going to buy!? I'm thinking more stationary , its a real obsession of mine, i just can't help myself.

I swear to god, polyhedrons are going to be the death of me!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dashes, Dots & Lines Oh My!

This is the first time in a long time that I have not blogged in a week. I'm crazed. I'm so busy and overwhelmed that its sickening. Which Is why I decided I need to drop one of my classes. I'm being spread in too many directions and its wearing me down, I'm not superwoman. Art history will be waiting for me next semester, or next year when I can give it my full attention. 
So what have I've been up to? PRINT DESIGNING! In 2D & 3D class we are designing prints & patterns, Which I love! I am highly considering being a fabric designer as a career choice...If I don't end up as a fashion designer, hey who knows! I would love, love,love to be a print designer for Lilly Pulitzer. that would be the life. For 2D , we had to create pattern sets, pictured below. 3 of them I did according to the directions, but the last one was "freestyle" . Well I just had to use Lilly prints and collage them. I had so much fun creating my new "Lilly" print! I would love a wrap dress out of it.
I'm very excited to be creating more prints this week! The good news is today I'm having a fabulous hair day & no dark circles under my eyes because I actually went to sleep last night! 

My Lilly Print! this print was inspired by my Missoni Scarf.