Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monograms, Glue & A Pinch Of Glitter.

After exhausting day , I put aside some "me" time. I've had the itch to collage for a while but didn't have a spare minute. I'm starting a book of collages...kinda like a scrapbook but more along the lines of my ideas and inspirations...I think this would be a cool coffee table book for years to come, and look back on. I'm always thinking and shopping for the future...I plan to pass down my collection of stuff down to future generations. While shopping I think - this isn't just a purse it can be a future heirloom. Each and every day I'm getting better with the computer...I had err little trouble today in 2D class.. funny story, So I'm known for my big loud mouth ( I can't help it I'm Italian & from long island- & if you can believe my family is even louder than me). Well, during class ..i can't exactly remember if i was actually talking, whispering or mouthing, a classmate was telling me what keys to press from across the room...the teacher announces : Jenna,..just...stop. Talking. LOL...well the class was in a fit of hysterical laughter as was I ...hey I can laugh at myself.
3D was woodworking day apparently..I forgot how much I hated technology class until today. I had to cut itty bitty pieces of wood and put them together, I almost took one of my fingers off!

 The Lilly Page.
The cover of the book...had to put my Monogram, becoming more and more obsessed with monograms by the minute!


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