Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Labels Or Love

Hit The Vintage Flea Market, saturday afternoon look at all the treasures!: 

 I was good, I only took home a necklace...no more bags! You would have thought they all robbed a furrier there were fur coats, hats, scarfs left & right!

 Polyhedrons, The Five Platonic Solids.
 Wire Shit
 The $75 Hamster Wheel, well that is what it looks like...wish I knew someone with a hamster to gift to
Will post giveaway details soon- Getting it all together for you, my fabulous fans!

Adventures in the Laundry Room: I hate doing my laundry seriously considering dropping everything off at the wash & fold around the corner..anyway... there was a carbon monoxide scare, detect whatever while my delicates were in the dryer, The whole damn place was covered in caution tape just my luck...I did what I had to do: Broke in the caution tape to get my stuff and run out...and while moving things around there I believe I touched a Hot Pink Guy's Thong. Only at Parsons, Darlings, Only at Parsons.


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  1. I laughed at your laundry room story! In my freshman year, the laundry room was always drama central and weird stuff would go on... People would seriously fight over machines and sabotage each other's laundry!