Friday, October 22, 2010

There's A Chill In The Air

Fall is officially here..its getting chilly here in NYC. Time to pull out the coats from the back of the closet. I just had a friend email me , asking me what's in right now, what kind of coat should she buy for the upcoming season? Let me tell you what's in my coat wardrobe.
Black trench- lightweight can be worn all seasons.
light nylon rain coat- even lighter than the trench good for really hot summer rainy days or to shove in your bag on crappy weather days.
fur- trimmed black parka-short, the long ones look good on no one, unless you are a eskimo of course.
peacoat, adorable, functional, can be worn from early fall to late winter giving this piece great use.
Please Don't Judge Me or Throw Blood On Me. Please. I'm A Nice Person. Really.
Rabbit bomber- black.
Mink Coat- currently waiting to visit the furrier unwearable at the moment.
A array of fall day coats: blazer, topper types perfect for the in between chill days.
I've been keeping warm with a vintage rabbit pom pom scarf lately since my last vintage scouting.
I plan to add a Rachel Zoe like fur vest to my collection soon or another fur.
If you're looking to expand or start your coat collection, Ill break it down. You need:
A waterproof rainy day jacket- may it be a trench.
A wool peacoat or puffy parka for cold weather.
A not too heavy topper for early fall days
I recommend sticking to neutrals, or buying a coat in a stunning classic color such as lipstick red, or tiffany blue( just got a coat in my favorite color). Yellow coats are tacky, run the other way when you see orange, and please hide too.

Tomorrow I'm hitting another Vintage Flea Market, wishing for amazing finds.

Giveaway to be announced.


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