Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

Here i am hard at work, its exausting being a designer- and not good for the skin. All for the love of art.
Thank the lord it is friday, can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. I'm working hard on a " lilly inspired" project . I'm covering a dress with paper rosettes made out of lilly napkins and lace doilies. I can't wait to finish hopefully it will be done this weekend! as soon as its finished ill post pics. I'm exausted- time for my undereye serum and then off to bed!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Preppy Stationary

Hello all! I don't know about you but i just love stationary! Its so much fun to write notes, rather than email don't you think? Speaking of which, a fabullous blogger i'm sure you heard of her, College Prepster is having a giveaway for Preppy Stationary from The Preppy Ladybug. Go to her blog, and tell her i sent you! happy writing!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Etsy Sale!

Hello, good morning all. I'm very excited i just made my first Etsy sale! I am making shoe centerpieces for a bridal shower! This is my first step towards my Etsy " career" . I am planning on running my shop full time over the summer, selling apparel & accessories made by yours truly! Cheers to many more sales to follow! Etsy is an amzing site, its a meca for everything and anything handmade- from the artistans themselves & as a bonus everything is usually fairly priced. Check out my etsy shop:

Until next time.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vintage Treasures

So i made another trip to the thrifts' yesterday, im trying to render my shopping habits but i couldn't help myself, i just adore vintage! So here's what i picked up:

gold- tone jewelry box, matches my vanity set from my late grammy- $5
watch necklace- georgous, $5
brass chandelier necklace, $15
locket pin, $2 ! & White flower pin, very vintage lilly $3!

Mint Condition Vinage Suitcase! it looks so cool with my fashion books in it, will post more pictures. Today is a very busy day, its senior show exibit at Art School! what to wear?
Until Next time....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Vintage Goodies

Hello, i thought i would share some of my vintage finds from this week's trip to the thrifts'
I picked up a vintage mexican tooled leather handbag- $5! i love these bags this is my second im thinking of starting a sub-collection anyway, I scored these brand new shoes that i have spotted in Lester's a few months ago $5 & a georgous rinestone & pearl choker- screams brakfast at tiffanys! i snagged this for a mere $20, its a bit chunky for my neck, but i think it would look amazing on a purse, don't you think?& lastly the blue beauty in the corner was a steal for $15 not vintage, but Badgley Mishka! Score! Who says shopping is not a sport?
Love, love, love this necklace picked this up in my favorite little antique shop for $5, yes $5 hard to believe, right?

This little beauty is simple but uber sophisticated- think the "kelly" bag, i snapped this up for $4
Hope you enjoy my vintage as much as i do , stay tuned this weekend i'm going to the biggest yard sale in history- can't wait to bring back what i find!
Until next time....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Official I'm A City Girl!

It's Official: I'm going to Parsons The New School For Design! Home of Tim Gunn & the project runway clan! I'm so excited! i always knew i would end up in manhattan, its where i belong. I can't wait to live in the city and be a real City girl, not just a wannabee. Sunday is accepted students day, I'm going to get to meet everyone attending & tour the school more closley. What to wear! Ill deffinitley post my outfit tomorrow, I promise!

I would like to Thank everyone for their love & support. No one ever doubted that i could follow my dream. I have such supportive family & friends that have done everything to help me get where i am. They say it takes a village. I have the best parents, My Father is not a rich man, but he is willing to work much harder than he has to so i could have the best of everything. My Mother is my greatest champion, when im tired and think im at my breaking point she brings me up. My Parents have never told me that my career ideas were silly, or frivolous, they did everything in their power to make my dreams come true. Thank you Mommy & Daddy for wanting me to have the best. xoxo

Until next time.......
xoxo Jenna

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paris Shopping Part Un

Bonjour! I'm still a little jetlagged but i managed to post some pictures of what i bought in Paris, also refered to as the biggest shopping expedition of my life. I had so much fun not only buying the items but strolling around the quaint little neighborhoods that the boutiques were in. Enjoy! & have a cup of cafe au lait & a croissant for me!
Linen Scarf with crochet trim - purchased from Nina Kendosa boutique. Bought the same one for my BFF Gaballa.

Crochet tier tunic & mesh/crochet trim scarf from Nina Kendosa also.

Military cotton bolero purchased from a clothing stand on the streets of Paris, as you can maybe guess this was a real steal!

Another Military-esque piece,purchased from a darling little shop in Momarte.

Adorable frock- purchased on the streetsof Paris! (Notice the overflowing closet in the backround)As if this was all i bought! More Pictures of my purchases & Adventures
from my fabulous fashion filled vacation!
Until next time.........
xoxoxo Jenna

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm Back!
I took the day off today to unpack & rest.I am completley exausted and thrown off from the time difference- Jet Lagged!I'm exausted i don't know how these jet setters do it! I have much to post about! Paris was amazing & a tripi will never forget. I can't believe its over, its definitley a place i would love to go back to. Here is a picture of me on Easter in front of Versailles, the home of the late Marie Antoinette & Louis the 16th- i think there were so many of them. Of Course i'm in Lilly. I'm wearing the Livie dress with a Calvin Klein jacket & scarf , and my prized vintage Chanel Bag- that i got for $30 at a thrift shop! talk about a deal of the century i'm 95% sure its authentic i never got around to getting it looked at by Chanel. I must go catch up on my beauty sleep & finish unpacking. I packed way too much stuff i need to take a packing 101 class & on top of everything i bought . My dad wanted to kill me in the airport when he had to carry everything- didn't help that i bought a bunch of magazines in the terminal before the flight LOL.

Avoir for now! Until next time....xoxoxo Jenna

Friday, April 2, 2010


Bonjour again! Today we visited Momarte
and the garment district. It was amazing, I
took some great shots & can't wait to make
notecards with them.

I have much to post about when i get back!
until next time...xoxoxo Jenna

Thursday, April 1, 2010

les monuments, que j'ai vu

Bonjour! Les monuments, que j' ai vu- ahh
the sights i've seen! magnificient is the only
way to describe it. I'm loving it here- for me
its like the euro- manhattan so chic!

Room with a view- picture taken from our petite- balcony
Vintage books & magazines shop- it was so cool browsing through all the vogues from the 60's

just some of the beautiful architecture

another view from our room

Today we met a bilingual dog! his name was Tobie!
until next time....xoxoxo Jenna
Tonight- le tour de eiffel & tomorrow Momarte & the garment district!