Tuesday, March 30, 2010

With Love, From Paris

Bonjour all!
I just woke up from a nap- its 7pm here! The 6 hour
difference is throwing me off. I did not sleep a wink on
the plane so when we arrived at the hotel, i litterally
passed out in the bed. What a day it has been! when we
landed we were gretted by our own driver to bring us
to the hotel, tres chic? When we arrived at the hotel we
found out we were upgraded to one of the " special suites"
our travel agent hooked us up. Now i'm unpacking all my
Lilly, and getting ready for a night out on the town.

*notice the Lilly passport cover & wallet

Outfit change! somewhat- i switch to the mufee scarf
* I had the pretiest pillow on the plane
( love my lilly sham totally transforms a pillow)
off to the Bon Marche i go! au revior!

Monday, March 29, 2010

hors j'aller !

Today I leave for Paris, known as the city of light, or the fashion capital of europe. I can't wait to shop- i have been conserving and cutting back on much of my shopping for the trip. I already know i love Paris, and i haven't even been there yet. I dream of living there one day. these French macaroons intrigue me, i have never had one but they look so good i can't wait to try one. I will be blogging during my trip- don't forget to comment i love hearing from all of you!
ta- ta for now
xoxoxo Jenna

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Have Been Crowned a Socialite!

I have been crowned a socialte by Shopaholic In Alabama, so i am going to spread the love.

So,- here are the rules
Copy & paste the preppy mafia logo on to your blog/website & you've been tagged!
Answer the below questions & pass this onto 10 bloggers,( i know i picked 8)- that you love & let them know they've been tagged!
1. Who is your style Icon? I'm going to have to say a cross between Coco Chanel & Audrey Hepburn
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? hmm.... I have so many that i love but i would have to say Bergdorf Blonds.
3. Favorite Party theme? ladies who lunch.
4. go to halloween costume? Audrey all the way
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? My vintage designer handbag collection- it just gets bigger & bigger! LOL
6. Living Person you admire? Lilly Pulitzer - she was the first IT socialite- she started it all!
7. Greatest fear? That my plans for my life will be changed
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? My name is Jenna Stern & I'm a Shopaholic
9. Which talent would you most like to have? to sing, i really can't hold a tune...its a shame
10. Greatest achievement? Wearing my backbrace for Scoliosis for 3 years- avoided surgery !
I'm crowning the following socialites! :
1. College Prepster
2. Looking4Lilly
3. Let's be Preppy!
4. Jewish girl in Wasp's clothing
5. Monograms & Manicures
6. Through Pink colored glasses
7. Mama still wears Gucci
8. Southern Mom of two
xoxoxo Jenna

From The Vintage Vault.....

Hello! i dug out these two beauties, they are not Lilly Pulitzer, but here me out. The skirts are vintage original key west hand prints ( the same company that manufactured Vintage Lilly fabric) from the 60s. I find these to be very Lilly in spirit with the bold prints & gorgeous lace detail. I bought them for $10 each on eBay last year! how fab is that? I can't wait to pull these out of the closet and wear them when spring finally comes here to NY- its still freezing here.

Hope you enjoy my vintage as much as i do! until next time..... xoxo Jenna

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When i woke up this morning, i thought today was going to be a regular day. Boy, i was in for a surprise when i checked my email this morning. I was sitting in Ms. Visbal's spanish class descretley checking my blackberry , i saw something from Pratt come up, and i opened it, when i read that i was acceptted i let out a little scream &loudly said i got acceptted to Pratt! whoops, now everyone was looking at me , then i kept on reading out loud, yep i was too excited to read silently, the next line i read was i have been given a MERIT SCHOLARSHIP , i then announced SCHOLARSHIP, the kid next to me was like whoah, for how much, then i read $9000 YEARLY and then i flipped. I just kept on saying OMG $9000, OMG $9000, PER YEAR, $9000, OMG - I figured it out i was given $36,000 all together. OMG.Then i ran out of the room to call my whole family and ran down the hall to tell my favorite teacher my news. Don't get me wrong i'm not ungrateful or anything, but my first choice is Parsons, and I'm most likely not going to Pratt but this is a great sign, now i am almost positive that i am getting into Parsons. I made the cut to Pratt - only 250 fashion design students are acceptted per year- with a merit scholarship. I feel very empowered, i did this. All the late nights of sewing, drawing, collaging, glueing, and losing my mind over my portfolio paid off. I"M IN A FABULOUS MOOD TODAY, XOXOXO JENNA

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out Of The Vintage Lilly Vault Part Deux

I couldn't fit everything in one post, so here's more! Enjoy!

My vintage " The Lilly" purse circa 1960s byfar my most treasured vintage lilly
Close up of lace detail on pocket

Vintage lilly cotton tunic- i wear this one mostly usually i pair this with leggings for school or afternoons out.

Back view of the patchwork skirt from the last post- had to show this because of the different patterns. I can't wait to wear this one when it gets warmer , its taking New York forever!
Stay tuned as i will share my other vintage finds with you ! until next time ......xoxoxo Jenna

Out Of The Vintage Lilly Vault...

Hello! i have finally dug into my vintage Lilly Pulitzer collection & thought i would share. For those of you that don't know, i collect vintage Lilly & of course wear all the pieces in my collection
Classic shift - green butterfly print with flower lace detail going down the front
A close up of the fabric on the next dress- notice the "leaves "are really frogs& the pink cameo faces! can you spot where the "lilly's" are hidden?

another classic shift- with two small pockets resting on the sides. adorable!

yet another classic shift, but this one is not cotton but silk blend- i believe this one is circa 1970s- came with matching scarf. too cute!

Simple patchwork skirt,(front view) love all the prints, we need to bring back some of them don't you think?

check out next post for more out of the vintage lilly vault! xoxoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts, this week has been crazy! To make up for the lack of posts i have written a novel here for all of you. Enjoy.

I've been up all hours of the night sketching, watercoloring & sewing. There was just so much to do and prepeare for the interview it was quite overwhelming. I frankly don't know how i did it, i was exausted the whole week. But now, Its over! now i just have to sit tight and wait for my acceptance letters to roll in ( hopefully)! But of course i'm going to tell you details about yesterday.....

So I arrived at F.I.T in perfect timing, luckilly we didn't hit traffic in the monsoon weather yesterday. I signed in and took the picture of me with my stuff for this post and before i knew it i got called in. I had to schlep all my stuff down this long hallway and then into the ampitheater and down the steps to the lower area, i did it very gracefully. Then we all met this professor who was going around and collecting all our admissions materials,we were asked to sketch an outfit and just as i was begining to draw i got called. I was first to be interviewed! again as nonchalantly as i could i schleped all my things to the interview area.

I was greeted by two professors- who were interviewing me, two! talk about nerve wracking! but i stayed cool. They liked my design test, that took me hours to do but sadly they took my art work and i won't get it back. kinda sad , but its not worth getting upset over. maybe they will save it and it will be featured on my true hollywood story one day.Anyway, so american idol fans we had a Simon/Paula situation going on. The male professor was not going to say my stuff was good, but i knew he was pleased, and the woman was really impressed with me and made it well known. They critiqued my work, well " Simon" did, he didn't like how my sketches werent labled and that i didn't draw in zippers& how he counted a undershirt in one of my sketches a extra garment #6 out of the 5 for the challenge. Whatever. I didn't crack under the pressure though, I can handle criticism. Then for the great parts, I was told that my sewing skills were phonomenal ( Thanks Lin! couldn't have learned without the best sewing tutor!) & that i am clever and possses great marketing skills, i am quite knowledgeable for my age, & my favorite how impressed " Paula" was with me. The best moment was at the end when i handed in my shiny folder with my portfolio materials, recomendations..etc from my art school. "Paula" thought it was uber professional, she almost fell out of her chair. At that moment i knew i did everything right, and i knew that even though i complain about how expensive my art school is ($10k tuition + like the professional portfolio pictures $900) I knew that every dime my family had spent had been worth it at this moment, because this has given the step ahead in the art world. I also realized at that moment how fortunate i am that my parents have and are still bending over backwards to create the best opportunities for me that they were never given.ill admit sometimes i take for granted how great i got it, i know this sounds so corny but i really have the best parents, without them i wouldn't be where i am now in my life. I am a very acomplished young girl because of them.

So on another note, a funny one in fact, I managed to get myself lost in the F.I.T campus for almost a half hour. Why you may ask? Well, so after i was done with everything i really had to use the bathroom, But i had all my damn luggage & crap so instead of cutting across the amitheater stage to get to the bathroom i thought i would wonder around the back by the exits , well i got stopped by security because i was wondering in a restricted area, but once they knew i was looking for the bathroom and with all my luggage they weren't alarmed. The security guard suggested i use the elevators , and i was relieved that i wouldn't have the schlepp my stuff up the ampitheater stairs. So i took the elevator up and i ended up in who the hell knows where, some random conference room. I was walking around for like 15 minutes until i finally found the hallway i remembered i walked through to get to the ampitheater, and then i finally got back and found my parents. I was hard it was the first time i really had to be independent and find my own way, like usually my dad holds all my stuff wherever i go, but this time i had to do all the schlepping, and i did it, i got a little lost but i did it. I can't wait for college, I just hope i can handle it, things are going to be so different i am not going to have the comforts of home, or my parents doing everything for me.

Also, Thank you to everyone that has been so concerned about my little cousin, Julianna. Unfortunatley, she is not doing well, She is having complications from her bone marrow transplant she has something called engrafment syndrome which is causing her to experience vomiting, rashes & low oxygen levels, and again unfortunatley this is a sign that her body is rejecting the new bone marrow from her twin sister Jessica. Please Keep my baby cousin in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you for your love and support xoxoxoxo

Me at F.I.T with my luggage full of garments, Portfolio case & design board (in plastic garbage bag, i know really chic).Note the stupid dog luggage, a purchase of mine when i was 10 for our disney vacation, before i had taste. Now i look like an obsessed dog freak everywhere i go with this luggage not that i should complain but my parents are too cheap to buy new luggage.in Vegas getting our bags after our flight these random people mistakenly took me & my parents for scotti dog lovers& were trying to have a conversation with us about how many dogs we/they have!LOL What am i wearing? Leggings from " Tar-ge" , simply vera vera wang boots over juicy couture knee socks, a jacket of my own desing ( not pictured) under my vertigo trench coat, with my warm houndstooth scarf & you can't see but my obsessions : Kate Spade Park Av. Cuff & Necklace! & my ruffled leather Rampage bag! xoxoxo
Until next time......xoxoxoxo Jenna

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vintage Finds!

I love anything vintage, I find it much more interesting to shop for vintage, rather than something new. I am a Vintage Junkie LOL! I collect vintage purses & vintage Lilly Pulitzer Circa 1960's The Lilly collection. So i was shaking with excitement when i went to my favorite antique store and they were moving, which meant cheap prices to get rid of excess things that they didn't want to move to the new location. How lucky was I! i got everything here in the pictures & my mom picked out some things ( not pictured) all for $20! I am in love with this vintage sewing box! What's your favorite vintage find? I'd love to hear from you. Until next time....xoxoxo Jenna

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So precious, you can cry

" I guess the best any of us can do is play the hand we've been given, not quit & accessorize what we got"

Shopping with my favorite minis-in-training

The big day is here, in the morning in several hours my baby cousin is getting her marrow transplant. The day has arrived here finally we have been awaiting this day anxiously, as with this transplant comes hope that Julianna will be cured of her leukemia. I am so proud of little Jessica for being so brave at just 6 years old, being Julianna's donor for the transplant.I have never seen real love before i've witnessed how much these two precious little girls care for one another.Jessica & Julianna are the sweetest, most special little girls you will ever meet. I feel really blessed to have them in my life. I'm so sorry they have to go through what they are going through and i wish if i could take away their pain.Please Keep my little cousins in your thoughts and prayers. No matter what is going on we make the best out of it, Julianna always wears pink & her favorite accessory: earings through her treatments. I'm wearing Pink & a strand of Pearls ( a new favorite of Julianna's) for Julianna tomorrow, are you?xoxoxoxo Jenna

Taaa Taaaa Taaaa T.J Maxx you should go!

I made out like a bandit ar my recent trip to my local TJ Maxx. I got a trust fund wallet for $9.99, a wrist & shout bracelet for $12.99 and drumroll please......gloria sweater for SEVEN DOLLARS! I was excited enough over the wallet & bracelet but when i saw the sweater i couldnt believe it , i mean i thought i was haluccinating, but no it was there waiting for me. Check out your local TJMaxx's ive been going there for years but just since the summer have i seen Lilly Pulitzer popping up in the stock. so i went on a lilly shopping spree- which would retail for over $200 if i bought everything full price for a mere $29.00 now thats a deal girls! hope you get as lucky as i did! xoxoxo Jenna