Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taaa Taaaa Taaaa T.J Maxx you should go!

I made out like a bandit ar my recent trip to my local TJ Maxx. I got a trust fund wallet for $9.99, a wrist & shout bracelet for $12.99 and drumroll please......gloria sweater for SEVEN DOLLARS! I was excited enough over the wallet & bracelet but when i saw the sweater i couldnt believe it , i mean i thought i was haluccinating, but no it was there waiting for me. Check out your local TJMaxx's ive been going there for years but just since the summer have i seen Lilly Pulitzer popping up in the stock. so i went on a lilly shopping spree- which would retail for over $200 if i bought everything full price for a mere $29.00 now thats a deal girls! hope you get as lucky as i did! xoxoxo Jenna


  1. I'm super jealous, my TJMaxx rarely has Lilly! I love everything you got, I really like the party school print that the wallet is in.

  2. Don't give up! keep on searching the hunt is part of the fun! xoxo

  3. Jenna!!! AWESOME finds! This Shopaholic is so proud FOR you! :-) XOXO