Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out Of The Vintage Lilly Vault Part Deux

I couldn't fit everything in one post, so here's more! Enjoy!

My vintage " The Lilly" purse circa 1960s byfar my most treasured vintage lilly
Close up of lace detail on pocket

Vintage lilly cotton tunic- i wear this one mostly usually i pair this with leggings for school or afternoons out.

Back view of the patchwork skirt from the last post- had to show this because of the different patterns. I can't wait to wear this one when it gets warmer , its taking New York forever!
Stay tuned as i will share my other vintage finds with you ! until next time ......xoxoxo Jenna


  1. I love all of your vintage Lilly, such treasures!

  2. Thanks i think they are though no one wears lilly in my town :( some just don't appreciate the beauty of lilly i guess