Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Foundation Day Two

Today was a exhausting day, I had my first class at 9 am, classes ending at 6pm. Welcome to Parsons. I hate getting up early. First up was 2D graphic design, I'm very excited to finally not be computer challenged anymore, well i'm still working on that I've got a ways to go. Then I had Art history lecture & discussion what a yawn i really hope this gets more interesting. My last class was 3D design, which I'm really excited about because our first project that we will be doing in class is making a shoe! This is where you all come in should i make a 3D shoe of my Clogs or my Chanel ballet flats?

Clogs or Chanel?

Foundation students are broken up into sections, A,B,C,D..etc. They say your section during your foundation year becomes your family. I have a very cool, international bunch. Remenicent of my summer classes with the fun mexican girls! We have people from Israel, Turkey, Korea ,& middle america.I'm so tired, I was too tired to hit tjmaxx tonight and that says alot I can usually shop no matter what. The word around town is Tjmaxx just got a shipment of Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses ....we will see , I'm so going there tomorrow!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Foundation Day One!

Today was my first real day of college classes, at Parsons! So exciting! I got all dolled up for class today, in my Bcbgmaxazria dress, black wedges- lots of jewelry & my tan Ellie Tahari bag! I practically teteered down the block with my purse, lunchbox & portfolio case! I wasn't nervous at all, not! I was all over the place today- i woke up late this morning , went down to breakfast forgot to swipe my id card & pay for my food, then left my purse down there and ran right back down to get it & I managed to drop all my crackers on the floor during lunch. I'm such a clutz! But , art wise I did great today. I felt so in my element. my class is actually in the same exact room I took classes over the summer & we had the same model too, funny huh?!
Some of my drawings:
drawn with two hands, charcoal in each!
5 minute pose
drawn with eyes closed, teacher told us to do this excercise.
another eye closed sketch of the model, not sure what the hell this looks like.
played around with some value shadings.

There is no greater feeling in the world than following your dreams, I'm living it!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reduce,Reuse, Recycle.

It is a beautiful day today here in NYC, Me & a friend had a brunch picnic in Washington Square Park. From then till now I have been working on a project, the Parsons Foundation Class T-shirt contest. We were all given a T-shirt and told to make it into something, I made a ruffle sling purse, you know I love purses. I love turning something old into something new. Tomorrow I start classes, The famously hard, exhausting & scary foundation program starts. Bring it on! I'm so excited to start creating like i never have before.


Feeling Like A Star

Last night I watched, Nine a tad boring plot wise, but the fashion was amazing. Lingerie outfits to die for, furs & lots of sequins. This little number pictured above was my favorite from the movie.I love sparkle! I am such a glamour girl. I have so many ideas for future designs now.just brought my sewing machine into the city with me, can't wait to work on some new projects!
So today I hit the thrifts with a friend, and stopped in the salon my aunt works at to say hi. I walk in and coincidently my grandmother is in the front chair getting her hair done, we all say hello and the whole place turns to me and says Hi Jenna! Then some random lady who i don't know hugs me, and turns to my friend and says , so your from boston? I felt like such a celebrity, beyond hysterical. They all pinned me you see because during my grandma's weekly hair appointments all she talks about is me. LOL


Friday, August 27, 2010

Something Blue

I've been completely obsessed with the color Tiffany Blue lately, so obsessed that I was determined to find a nail color in that shade. The other day I was in Ricky's beauty supply and voilla! I found it! Its my new signature nail color- Essie's Mint Candy Apple....last year was Chanel's Vamp, which I still love and probably will bring out around christmas time.

Tonight I'm back on Long Island, visiting the Family & Friends, and picking up my sewing machine and more art supplies! The Famous Foundation program begins on monday. So excited!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let The Games Begin

Today I woke up a bit late...came in late last night. The plan for last night was to go out dancing, but when we got there, it was filled to capacity so we all just got in a cab and went home. What a waste of makeup! I was so mad , I mean I got in sequins and heels for nothing.
Not being a morning person, It was a bit of a scramble to make it to orientation on time & pick up my foundation kit. I basically ran down the block, and shlepped this massive box on top of my rolling shopping bag around the corner to orientation. I made it just in time, rolling over a few things on my way to my seat.
After a two hour, mostly boring orientation- except for the part on the fashion program! I headed back to the French Roast Bistro on 11th & 6th avenue for a late lunch with a friend. This may be my new hangout! Pictured above is the foundation kit, just some of the stuff I will use and need throughout the next year. unpacking all my supplies today was a bit overwhelming...I thought to myself , What the hell did I get myself into? I know for a fact that I have never felt more at ease mentally than I am here, I finally feel at home, that this is where I belong and this is what I am meant to do with my life. I can't explain it, It just feels right. Classes start on monday, this is it, this is what I have been wishing, hoping, dreaming and waiting for. I'm ready , hey you gotta work to get to the top!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Livin The City Life

I just came across this adorable french bistro sign online....Today my uncle came into the neighborhood for a visit, and we went out to lunch & another stop for coffee at the cutest french coffee shop/bistro a few blocks from my dorm. I love it here! Stay tunned for more, classes start next week things are going to get alot more interesting!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Beginings

So I'm finally all moved in & settled, in my new home Downtown, Manhattan! Downtown is the new uptown you know. Last night while walking around my neighborhood, me & my friends spotted Cameron Diaz! My neighbors are James Franco, The Olsen Twins & Sarah Jessica Parker! Today I spotted a town car waiting in front of one of the brownstones, wonder who they were waiting for? Yes my room is tiny, a adjustment from my spacious bedroom & private bathroom, but I love it here! Its only day four and I have met such likeminded, nice people....I'm finding my "tribe". Today I managed to trip down a flight of stairs in my new leather clogs from Madewell, and scratch them but you know what it gives them a vintage feel. LOL

My bed outfitted by LILLY!
Sorry the picture is sideways, don't know how to rotate it on the mac yet...this is what I like to call the Closet , I mean my room.
Today during Orientation we were given a Foundation survival Kit, The Foundation program at Parsons is know to be one of the hardest, toughest college programs in the world, with a dropout rate of 80% , kinda scary! & we were given a T-shirt to re-design , for a contest! I'm brainstorming ideas at the moment....

Yes I've made some mistakes, and there have been some unhappy times in my life, but I wouldn't change anything ....I'm so blessed & have such amazing people in my life that are rooting for me, you know who you are I love you all & to the blog fans, thank you for all your support!

Cheers! To New Beginings......Any one out there starting school? A new Job? talk to me!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The End.

A Few Photos With My Best Friend
Fashionistas! I'm in French Conection & Gabby is in Alice & Olivia
Posing in Lilly, Just made this my profile pic on facebook!
Last hug before I move!
Posing with the UHAUL! LOL

Next time I talk to you all, I'll have a new zip code- NYC!!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't believe its here, Tomorrow I become a City Girl!

Tomorrow Is the big move! I still have to pack my beauty products, and figure out how I'm going to ft everything in the Uhaul- were only getting the van- not the bigger one! I thought we were going to need the biggger one, but we don't. My parents were watching The Real Housewives Of NJ the other night, ( the italy trip episode). And my dad was like I better watch out and not spoil you too much , or you'll end up like Teresa! LOL. Sorry, but I think your a little late. ( i didn't pack as much as she did for Italy...I think).
This week has been crazy, getting ready to move. I thought packing for my trip to Paris was daunting, that was nothing compared to this! I have some huge news, This blog has been found by the company Pookie& Sebastian, and guess what? They offered me a internship, And my first assignment in the meanwhile until I move in & get settled is to show them pictures that inspire me......& I'm on the lookout for the architect that designed the Lilly Pulitzer Boca Raton store.

Some photos that I love & inspire me:

my new home :)
Chanel Ice Cream! How Fabulous!
Love, Love, Love this dress! I love Chanel.
I have this print hanging in my bedroom.
French Macacroons, my favorite flavor is chocolate.
I died when I first saw this runway show online, obsessed with this.
Le Tour De Eiffel. Enough Said.
Tiffany Blue is my favorite color, I also decided it will be one of my wedding colors.

Today is my last day on the Island, I've been getting flooded with calls & visits from my wonderful family & friends. Today I'm spending the day with my best friend Gabballaa.

Fabulous Gifts from Gabbyy
My fabulous calendar from Gabby can't wait to use it, doubles as a scrapbook of all our amazing times together!
Another infamous package from Aunt Fran, Always love to get her fun packages in the mail. I remember when I was little , Aunt Fran gave me my first bra & panties set (in leopard!)when i was six years old!

this is the latest Aunt Fran gift, just came in the mail.I can't wait to hang it in my dorm! I remember when i was little and aunt fran would just write her name as the return address, but this one takes the cake.

Can't believe how blessed I am, I have such amazing people around me.
Thank You Mommy & Daddy For giving me everything & more.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boho Chic Luxe

All this packing has made me question, What looks am I going for? What Am I trying to say style wise? I am a style chameleon , I go from preppy ( head- to- toe Lilly Pulitzer) to European luxe- lots of pleats & ruffles in rich fabrics, And then I try some trendy looks. However I dress, I consistently keep my style me, always throwing in a bit of vintage.
So while Mixing, some old, forgotten & new, I have myself a Boho Chic Luxe Look.
Missoni Scarf- one of my all time favorite accessories I own, It was love at first sight at Saks Outlet. I have worn this beauty in Paris, Vegas, Home, everywhere ( also doubles as a fabulous pashmina for a flight!)
Clogs- from Madewell, brand new ! I love that clogs are a comfortable way to add some height.
Bag- Isabella Fiore- the leather is a soft as butter- I got it for a steal at my local Tjmaxx & matches the shoes!

All I need is jeans & a tank & I'm all set !
Now lets get to the jewelry.....
Gold lace-look earrings & cuff, always had these but now I see them in a new way. They were super cheap but i love love them. Priceless pieces.
Set on the right, a birthday gift recently received. This is handmade with new & vintage materials- so me !
I'm thinking should this be my first day at Parsons outfit? hmmm decisions, decisions & I'm almost fully decided on my Fashions Night Out Outfit.

Can't believe I'm moving on Friday!, I'm having one of those moments where I'm just looking around and taking it all in. I am so blessed to be afforded to live my dreams & not have to worry about anything.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer is having a Secret (shusssh!) Sale! Facebook Fans get first access, then people that are on the email list, then the public get to view the sale last. Last year around late fall as I recall there was a similar secret sale, I scored the Seamus Dress ( pictured below)for $150, originally retailing for $500- now that is a deal! It is my favorite Lilly Pulitzer piece I own, I have worn it so many times the dress has practically paid for its self!

Here are the Sale Details, if you haven't heard:
August 17Th- That's This Tuesday
10 am for facebook fans the doors open
11 am , those on the email list get access
& 12 pm noon- sale is open to the public!
& get this shipping is $2 no matter what you buy
and....there's a special gift with purchase- skinny mckims with any purchase of $250 or more ( I will try not to spend that much...)
I'm excited to report that I think Warehouse sale items (samples, re- cuts) are going to be in the sale! Happy Shopping!

P.S - I'm already planning another giveaway for when I hit 75 followers, don't forget to hit the follow button when you visit if you want to be in on the giveaway!


Friday, August 13, 2010


EAT. PRAY. LOVE. , What are your three? Mine are Coffee, A trip to Pink Link( Lilly!) & Vogue
This is one of my favorite books of all time, right under Something Blue by Emily Giffin- My absolute favorite book of all time, i re-read different parts all the time. I gotta say, I was bit disappointed in the movie, they left out so many parts. It wasn't as riveting as the book, I wasn't able to put down the book, during the movie I was texting - It didn't capture my full attention.
The Story is about finding yourself, This past year has been my year of self-discovery, letting go & being myself with no regrets. during high school I felt a bit lost, unsure of who I was & what I wanted to say. Now I have gotten to a place where I don't care what people think of me, I know who I am & I've accepted the fact that many people are going to embrace me and many are not. There is no greater feeling in the world than following your dreams, I live for today with no regrets. Never apologize for who you are or what you want for your life. Growing up as an only child taught me not to be afraid to be alone, I perfer quality over quanity any day. Play the hand you have been dealt, you may be plesantly surprised with how your story ends, If you would have told me two years ago I would be going to Parsons I would have laughed in your face. Dreams Do Come True, Not fairy tale mushy romantic dreams, but dreams for your life do come true. Sometimes the absolute last thing you want is the one thing that you need....
What Will Empower You?

Did you read the book? Did you think the movie lived up to the book? Talk to me! I love hearing from all of you!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I'm Nine Days away from the big move! I'm cleaning up & making room for new purchases soon to come! If you are interested in anything leave a comment or email me at Jennagrl920@aol.com! I take care of all my things, everything is in pristine condition!

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas ornament , beautiful just doesn't go with the family's fruit tree theme every year. comes with original box and tissue $ 30 shipped
juicy Couture MP3 case brand new with tags, comes with original saks box and tissue $15 shipped

Radio City Rockettes tees, never worn. both for $ 20 shipped

Vintage Nicole Miller Tunic Size Small, never worn. $ 25 shipped

Inside of bag, below

Cigar box vintage style purse, never used . $ 25 shipped

from left to right:
Tamare Henriques Wellies size 6 $ 40 shipped
Delman Pumps size 6 $50 shipped
franco sarto sandals size 6 $ 25 shipped
Tory Burch Revas size 6.5 $ 50 shipped
Tommy Hilfiger wedges size 6 $15 shipped
Juicy Couture boots size 6 $ 55 shipped

Lilly Pulitzer Stretch Polo size small $ 13 shipped

Juicy bathing suit , worn once size medium fits like a small with detatchable shoulder strap
$ 20 shipped

Jeans up for grabs:
Joe's Jeans size 31 $25 shipped
Miss Me jeans with eyelet detail size 27 $ 25 shipped
Seven For all mankind
size 24
size 27
size 27
size 27 (skinny)
size 26
all $25 shipped each
Seven For All Mankind Jeweled jeans retailed for $250 never worn $ 65 shipped
Rock & Republic w/ rinestone detail wings on back pockets $ 45 shipped
Goldsign size 27 $25 shipped
Juicy Couture Size 28 & a pair in a size 26 , both $25 shipped each.
additional phots available upon request!
So who's going to NYC's Fashions Night Out?! I'm so excited, this will be my first time attending!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Perfect Excuse To Wear Heels Anywhere, Everywhere...

This morning, I went to go visit my Bff Gaballa in the hospital. Me & my mother actually snuck in (it was before visiting hours). They couldn't say no to us when they saw the huge basket for gabby in my arms adorned with a pink bow, only the best for my bff.I had to get her the Lilly pencil me in case in ten ton bouquet print.....you know what they say go big or go home. I hate, hate, hate hospitals. I hate the smell, the decor, the place gives me the chills. I was completley freaked out seeing Gaballaa in recovery yesterday, along with all the other patients around her, But I sucked it up and went to support my friend. The one thing I do when go to hospitals is make connections to Grey's Anatomy, like when all the interns came in to hi, i pinned them, you see I know this stuff because I watch Grey's Anatomy. My mother always says my father looked like Patrick Dempsey when he was younger, I don't see the connection maybe because he's my dad. After meeting all of Gabby's doctors, and the interns in tow we said goodbye and headed to the city......
Today was my yearly Scoliosis checkup, I don't know if I shared this with all of you before but when I was 14 during the summer before I was entering high school I was diagnosed with scoliosis, curvature of the spine. Many people have scoliosis and its no big deal, but for some like me need to go through treatment. For 3 years of highschool, freshmen through Junior year I wore a back brace ( under my clothes, it was hard plastic- nothing around my neck with metal that they depict in movies). I'm not bitter anymore about what I went through I truly believe that my life would be completley different If I didn't go through what I did. I believe that god takes away one thing, but gives you something back. I also believe in sometimes the absolute last thing you want may be the one thing you need. You see before I had my bout with medical problems( scoliosis is not my only medical issue, ill save that for another post) Ill admit I was a bit spoiled, I got my wake up call, got involved in giving back- I am now an active participant in the national scoliosis assocciation, and found my real one passion in my life: Fashion Design. Not being able to wear the clothes I wanted made me see clothing from a design perspective, instead of just from a shopper's view. Always the day of my appointments are stressful, Daddy drove us in , he drove us to the old office -uptown, new office midtown, we hit traffic on our way to the right office. We all started to argue, as usual by the time we got to the dr. Mom & Daddy weren't speaking, and after bickering in the lobby and watching the receptionist snicker me & mommy weren't speaking...hopefully tomorrow will be better, I am so not going to miss this when I go away! My uncle Scott loves when my parents bicker, and thinks its hysterical, ha ha .
Anyway, Let me tell you all how my appointment went. So I was waiting to get yelled at agin by my dr. for not doing my back excercises, I got my x-rays, weighed ( discovered I gained a few, okay 4 pounds! hopefully just water weight) all clad in my muslin robe, I always take mine home from the appts. and re-use the material to make patterns when I sew. My curves are low and have held since I got out of my brace, good news, now for the bad news which I expected, My Kyphosis ( front to back curve in my spine) went up & get this I shrunk! Yes I got a bit shorter because of the progression of my curve, I seriously need to start doing my excercises and get in shape for real this time. I'm in awful shape for my age, I'm skinny but I have the stamina of a turtle, I can't run if I was being chased like in the movies I would be a gonner in 10 minutes. I'm so annoyed that I shrunk, and to top it all off my doctor said I told you so, I told you to do your excercises...blah blahh...So its time to make a change.
But for now I have the perfect excuse to wear heels anywhere, everywhere...LOL


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Magic Of Lilly

Hello! You all probably think I fell off a cliff or something, not blogging for days. I'm fine, I didn't have access to a computer for days because when I purchased my new macbook pro last week I had to hand over my other computer to have all my files transfered to the new computer. My days have been filled with shopping, Doctor's appointments- gotta get all the checkups in before the big move, and seeing friends & family. Today my best friend had surgery to remove a cyst that we believe came from her ovaries, no signs of cancer thank god. I spent the day in the hospital waiting room going back and forth to see how she was doing. I got to see her in recovery for a brief moment. I was wearing my Lilly Pandamonium shorts & tote today. The first thing gabby says to me is "You Match!" - then I knew she was going to live, if you know that I match then your ok, I thought. She was cracked out , I snuck in my hot pink boa in my tote and pulled it out a bit so Gabby would get a glimpse of it. She got happy when she saw the boa, right away her mom was like put it away they will take it away if they see it. So back in my tote it went. I just spoke to gabby on the phone, she called me from her room - she was high as a kite, semi- incoherent I only understood half of what she was saying, she did tell me that her nurse's name is Theresa - like from Real Housewives Of NJ! LOL


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Over The Knee Boot

They were in way back when, last year they came back & now they're back and better than ever. Last year I held back and didn't pick up a pair, thinking it would be a fad. Yesterday I picked up two pairs, in suede- a chocolate brown pair & one in black. Mine are the flat style, running around manhattan in heels is just not practical. I can't wait to wear mine in the fall. The possibilities are endless, under dresses, skirts, tunic/legging combos.
Here I pulled some Runway Over The Knee Boot Looks:

The second from the left most ressembles my black pair, but it falls just above my knee ( a little lower than pictured)
Kate Moss in her over the knee boots. She makes Shleppy chic. I'm not a master at that look, usually I just end up looking like I rolled out of bed, LOL.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monograms, Rachel Zoe & Preppiness.

Monograms, one of my latest obsessions. Just putting your name on all your stuff is just dumb frankly, but monograms leave some to the imagination. When you see someones monogram you think, I wonder what their middle name is...Monograms are uber classy and sophisticated , to me anyway. I love monograms & am a true preppy at heart. I didn't grow up preppy, my mother didn't and doesn't wear Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses. In fact my mother loathes all my Lilly stuff.I am a preppy transplant, no one knows or cares to know what Lilly Pulitzer is in my hometown of Plainview, N.Y- on Long island. I found Lilly on my own, and became hooked.I consider myself to be a modern preppy, not a total preppy if you know what i mean. I don't wear ribbons in my hair, or plaid, or argyle sweaters. But I do wear lots of pearls(Faux), Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses & totes, and statement headbands! Back to monograms, I know this going to sound a little cuckoo of me but bear with me. My dream is to keep my monogram forever. How? Hopefully marry someone with a last name that starts with a " S" like mine. Then If I have a daughter I will give her the same initials as I, and then I can pass down all my monogramed items! These are the things I day dream about...

My Monogramed Laptop Sleeve! First monogramed item, with more to come!
So I moved my vintage dress dummy from my sewing studio up to my room since I already have one that I work on while sewing. I just love dressing her up! This week she has been wearing my Lilly Pulitzer Lovell Shift & Kate Spade Park Avenue Necklace, She has no arms otherwise I would have let her wear the matching cuff. Next to her is one of my favorite vintage bags, circa 1960's - a steal at five dollars!

So I'm really excited for Tonight's (well actually in a few minutes) premire of the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project! I love, Love, love Rachel Zoe! Don't you love this picture of her closet?! I spy with my little eye, Vintage Pucci! and those boots, OMG!
That's Bananas!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

Hello! So, In 17 days I'm moving out and going off to college at Parsons The New School For Design. I wanted this so bad and now its here! I already started some packing , to avoid being overwhelmed the week before. Do I have enough stuff? I only packed bedding, bathroom stuff, basics- jeans, leggings, underwear, some shoes-not all, and my 4 purses I'm bringing. Thats right I'm only bringing 4- its killing me on the inside. I didn't even start to pack my real clothes - tops, tunics, dresses..etc. I'm waiting to do that since I still need to use and wear my stuff. I just ordered my mini fridge last night from target.com, i still need to buy my mac, itouch, TV, & digital camera . Were waiting for my dad to get his new credit card in the mail- that way we can get sky miles from every purchase ! Our goal is to accumulate enough points this year so when we go to Italy next year we can fly buissness class. I hate flying coach. I wanted to shoot myself on our flight to Paris, yes it was that bad.In 17 days I'm going to officially become a city girl!

Over the weekend I took a trip to another Lilly Via Shop, The Island- in Garden City N.Y thats a bit out of the way for me, I'm a regular at Huntington Village's Pink Link. I wanted a change of scenery and also, this via shop offers custom monograming- pink link does not. I ordered a monogramed laptop sleeve. Can't wait to get it! And you know I just had to buy something, I found this bathing beauty on sale, i wanted it when it came out but you know i wasn't going to pay full price. What do you know, last one in my size it was just sitting there waiting for me on the sale rack. I had to have it. Sad to say it might not have its day out this season, My bff is sick as a dog- but there's always next summer. Note how good it looks on the manequin- Why is the manequin in better shape than me? I'm so not toned like that! My excercise regiment is taking my yorkie for a walk, thats it. My mother told me pink isn't my color, but I love this suit. Love, Love, Love it!

*** TINA LYONS PLEASE CLAIM YOUR GIVEAWAY PRIZE, If I don't hear from you at the end of the week I'm going to have to pick another winner. :(