Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monograms, Rachel Zoe & Preppiness.

Monograms, one of my latest obsessions. Just putting your name on all your stuff is just dumb frankly, but monograms leave some to the imagination. When you see someones monogram you think, I wonder what their middle name is...Monograms are uber classy and sophisticated , to me anyway. I love monograms & am a true preppy at heart. I didn't grow up preppy, my mother didn't and doesn't wear Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses. In fact my mother loathes all my Lilly stuff.I am a preppy transplant, no one knows or cares to know what Lilly Pulitzer is in my hometown of Plainview, N.Y- on Long island. I found Lilly on my own, and became hooked.I consider myself to be a modern preppy, not a total preppy if you know what i mean. I don't wear ribbons in my hair, or plaid, or argyle sweaters. But I do wear lots of pearls(Faux), Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses & totes, and statement headbands! Back to monograms, I know this going to sound a little cuckoo of me but bear with me. My dream is to keep my monogram forever. How? Hopefully marry someone with a last name that starts with a " S" like mine. Then If I have a daughter I will give her the same initials as I, and then I can pass down all my monogramed items! These are the things I day dream about...

My Monogramed Laptop Sleeve! First monogramed item, with more to come!
So I moved my vintage dress dummy from my sewing studio up to my room since I already have one that I work on while sewing. I just love dressing her up! This week she has been wearing my Lilly Pulitzer Lovell Shift & Kate Spade Park Avenue Necklace, She has no arms otherwise I would have let her wear the matching cuff. Next to her is one of my favorite vintage bags, circa 1960's - a steal at five dollars!

So I'm really excited for Tonight's (well actually in a few minutes) premire of the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project! I love, Love, love Rachel Zoe! Don't you love this picture of her closet?! I spy with my little eye, Vintage Pucci! and those boots, OMG!
That's Bananas!


  1. Me and my mom are the same way about my love for Lilly. She just doesn't get it! I've only got a few pieces but what I do have, I adore. I just wish my mom would support my habit (HA!)

    Your laptop bag is super cute! I'm more of a black and white person but I love some color every now and then :).

    Love your page!