Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Foundation Day Two

Today was a exhausting day, I had my first class at 9 am, classes ending at 6pm. Welcome to Parsons. I hate getting up early. First up was 2D graphic design, I'm very excited to finally not be computer challenged anymore, well i'm still working on that I've got a ways to go. Then I had Art history lecture & discussion what a yawn i really hope this gets more interesting. My last class was 3D design, which I'm really excited about because our first project that we will be doing in class is making a shoe! This is where you all come in should i make a 3D shoe of my Clogs or my Chanel ballet flats?

Clogs or Chanel?

Foundation students are broken up into sections, A,B,C,D..etc. They say your section during your foundation year becomes your family. I have a very cool, international bunch. Remenicent of my summer classes with the fun mexican girls! We have people from Israel, Turkey, Korea ,& middle america.I'm so tired, I was too tired to hit tjmaxx tonight and that says alot I can usually shop no matter what. The word around town is Tjmaxx just got a shipment of Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses ....we will see , I'm so going there tomorrow!



  1. Well, I don't have a Tjmaxx; but the Marshalls near me had a ton of LP glasses; I got the Krysten glasses I have been lusting over for $29!!! (but no cases but for that price, who cares!!)
    Hope you find a pair you adore!

  2. when i went i didn't find a pair that i liked unfortunatley...tjmaxx is always hit or miss. xoxo