Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Perfect Excuse To Wear Heels Anywhere, Everywhere...

This morning, I went to go visit my Bff Gaballa in the hospital. Me & my mother actually snuck in (it was before visiting hours). They couldn't say no to us when they saw the huge basket for gabby in my arms adorned with a pink bow, only the best for my bff.I had to get her the Lilly pencil me in case in ten ton bouquet print.....you know what they say go big or go home. I hate, hate, hate hospitals. I hate the smell, the decor, the place gives me the chills. I was completley freaked out seeing Gaballaa in recovery yesterday, along with all the other patients around her, But I sucked it up and went to support my friend. The one thing I do when go to hospitals is make connections to Grey's Anatomy, like when all the interns came in to hi, i pinned them, you see I know this stuff because I watch Grey's Anatomy. My mother always says my father looked like Patrick Dempsey when he was younger, I don't see the connection maybe because he's my dad. After meeting all of Gabby's doctors, and the interns in tow we said goodbye and headed to the city......
Today was my yearly Scoliosis checkup, I don't know if I shared this with all of you before but when I was 14 during the summer before I was entering high school I was diagnosed with scoliosis, curvature of the spine. Many people have scoliosis and its no big deal, but for some like me need to go through treatment. For 3 years of highschool, freshmen through Junior year I wore a back brace ( under my clothes, it was hard plastic- nothing around my neck with metal that they depict in movies). I'm not bitter anymore about what I went through I truly believe that my life would be completley different If I didn't go through what I did. I believe that god takes away one thing, but gives you something back. I also believe in sometimes the absolute last thing you want may be the one thing you need. You see before I had my bout with medical problems( scoliosis is not my only medical issue, ill save that for another post) Ill admit I was a bit spoiled, I got my wake up call, got involved in giving back- I am now an active participant in the national scoliosis assocciation, and found my real one passion in my life: Fashion Design. Not being able to wear the clothes I wanted made me see clothing from a design perspective, instead of just from a shopper's view. Always the day of my appointments are stressful, Daddy drove us in , he drove us to the old office -uptown, new office midtown, we hit traffic on our way to the right office. We all started to argue, as usual by the time we got to the dr. Mom & Daddy weren't speaking, and after bickering in the lobby and watching the receptionist snicker me & mommy weren't speaking...hopefully tomorrow will be better, I am so not going to miss this when I go away! My uncle Scott loves when my parents bicker, and thinks its hysterical, ha ha .
Anyway, Let me tell you all how my appointment went. So I was waiting to get yelled at agin by my dr. for not doing my back excercises, I got my x-rays, weighed ( discovered I gained a few, okay 4 pounds! hopefully just water weight) all clad in my muslin robe, I always take mine home from the appts. and re-use the material to make patterns when I sew. My curves are low and have held since I got out of my brace, good news, now for the bad news which I expected, My Kyphosis ( front to back curve in my spine) went up & get this I shrunk! Yes I got a bit shorter because of the progression of my curve, I seriously need to start doing my excercises and get in shape for real this time. I'm in awful shape for my age, I'm skinny but I have the stamina of a turtle, I can't run if I was being chased like in the movies I would be a gonner in 10 minutes. I'm so annoyed that I shrunk, and to top it all off my doctor said I told you so, I told you to do your excercises...blah blahh...So its time to make a change.
But for now I have the perfect excuse to wear heels anywhere, everywhere...LOL


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