Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't believe its here, Tomorrow I become a City Girl!

Tomorrow Is the big move! I still have to pack my beauty products, and figure out how I'm going to ft everything in the Uhaul- were only getting the van- not the bigger one! I thought we were going to need the biggger one, but we don't. My parents were watching The Real Housewives Of NJ the other night, ( the italy trip episode). And my dad was like I better watch out and not spoil you too much , or you'll end up like Teresa! LOL. Sorry, but I think your a little late. ( i didn't pack as much as she did for Italy...I think).
This week has been crazy, getting ready to move. I thought packing for my trip to Paris was daunting, that was nothing compared to this! I have some huge news, This blog has been found by the company Pookie& Sebastian, and guess what? They offered me a internship, And my first assignment in the meanwhile until I move in & get settled is to show them pictures that inspire me......& I'm on the lookout for the architect that designed the Lilly Pulitzer Boca Raton store.

Some photos that I love & inspire me:

my new home :)
Chanel Ice Cream! How Fabulous!
Love, Love, Love this dress! I love Chanel.
I have this print hanging in my bedroom.
French Macacroons, my favorite flavor is chocolate.
I died when I first saw this runway show online, obsessed with this.
Le Tour De Eiffel. Enough Said.
Tiffany Blue is my favorite color, I also decided it will be one of my wedding colors.

Today is my last day on the Island, I've been getting flooded with calls & visits from my wonderful family & friends. Today I'm spending the day with my best friend Gabballaa.

Fabulous Gifts from Gabbyy
My fabulous calendar from Gabby can't wait to use it, doubles as a scrapbook of all our amazing times together!
Another infamous package from Aunt Fran, Always love to get her fun packages in the mail. I remember when I was little , Aunt Fran gave me my first bra & panties set (in leopard!)when i was six years old!

this is the latest Aunt Fran gift, just came in the mail.I can't wait to hang it in my dorm! I remember when i was little and aunt fran would just write her name as the return address, but this one takes the cake.

Can't believe how blessed I am, I have such amazing people around me.
Thank You Mommy & Daddy For giving me everything & more.



  1. Call me "out of the loop" but I had no idea what Pookie and Sebastian is (maybe bc I live in NC, HA!) I looked it up and wow, it sounds like a great opportunity!! Be sure to post pics when you move in! I'm sure your place will look so cute!

    Oh btw a few weeks ago you reccomended me using paperbackswap and I took your advice! I've got some great books & I also took your advice and got a emily giffin book. Something Borrowed. I haven't read that far in yet, but so far it is hilarious!

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Your welcome! I love hearing from you- email me anytime ! xoxoxo