Monday, August 2, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

Hello! So, In 17 days I'm moving out and going off to college at Parsons The New School For Design. I wanted this so bad and now its here! I already started some packing , to avoid being overwhelmed the week before. Do I have enough stuff? I only packed bedding, bathroom stuff, basics- jeans, leggings, underwear, some shoes-not all, and my 4 purses I'm bringing. Thats right I'm only bringing 4- its killing me on the inside. I didn't even start to pack my real clothes - tops, tunics, dresses..etc. I'm waiting to do that since I still need to use and wear my stuff. I just ordered my mini fridge last night from, i still need to buy my mac, itouch, TV, & digital camera . Were waiting for my dad to get his new credit card in the mail- that way we can get sky miles from every purchase ! Our goal is to accumulate enough points this year so when we go to Italy next year we can fly buissness class. I hate flying coach. I wanted to shoot myself on our flight to Paris, yes it was that bad.In 17 days I'm going to officially become a city girl!

Over the weekend I took a trip to another Lilly Via Shop, The Island- in Garden City N.Y thats a bit out of the way for me, I'm a regular at Huntington Village's Pink Link. I wanted a change of scenery and also, this via shop offers custom monograming- pink link does not. I ordered a monogramed laptop sleeve. Can't wait to get it! And you know I just had to buy something, I found this bathing beauty on sale, i wanted it when it came out but you know i wasn't going to pay full price. What do you know, last one in my size it was just sitting there waiting for me on the sale rack. I had to have it. Sad to say it might not have its day out this season, My bff is sick as a dog- but there's always next summer. Note how good it looks on the manequin- Why is the manequin in better shape than me? I'm so not toned like that! My excercise regiment is taking my yorkie for a walk, thats it. My mother told me pink isn't my color, but I love this suit. Love, Love, Love it!

*** TINA LYONS PLEASE CLAIM YOUR GIVEAWAY PRIZE, If I don't hear from you at the end of the week I'm going to have to pick another winner. :(


  1. I know you must be so excited about Parsons! I go to art school as well, and I love it! You will have so much fun and have many amazing experiences and opportunities! Looks like we are going to be twins with our bathing suits, too! Don't worry about the mannequin looking better than you- the suit is really universally flattering. I was worried about the white in it because I am so pale, but it is fine once it is on! You have an adorable blog girly- keep it up!

  2. I can't get over the whole only 4 purse thing! Good for you- I couldn't bring only 4 purses, haha! That is my guilty pleasure for sure!

    I'm not an artsy person at all so I just love reading your posts about your new school and admiring your talent.

    Good luck with everything!!