Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Over The Knee Boot

They were in way back when, last year they came back & now they're back and better than ever. Last year I held back and didn't pick up a pair, thinking it would be a fad. Yesterday I picked up two pairs, in suede- a chocolate brown pair & one in black. Mine are the flat style, running around manhattan in heels is just not practical. I can't wait to wear mine in the fall. The possibilities are endless, under dresses, skirts, tunic/legging combos.
Here I pulled some Runway Over The Knee Boot Looks:

The second from the left most ressembles my black pair, but it falls just above my knee ( a little lower than pictured)
Kate Moss in her over the knee boots. She makes Shleppy chic. I'm not a master at that look, usually I just end up looking like I rolled out of bed, LOL.

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  1. haha Yes Kate Moss can definitely pull that off. My best friend in high school could roll out of bed and go out looking great. I must be a wild sleep though because my hair always looks like its been through a wind storm!