Monday, August 9, 2010

The Magic Of Lilly

Hello! You all probably think I fell off a cliff or something, not blogging for days. I'm fine, I didn't have access to a computer for days because when I purchased my new macbook pro last week I had to hand over my other computer to have all my files transfered to the new computer. My days have been filled with shopping, Doctor's appointments- gotta get all the checkups in before the big move, and seeing friends & family. Today my best friend had surgery to remove a cyst that we believe came from her ovaries, no signs of cancer thank god. I spent the day in the hospital waiting room going back and forth to see how she was doing. I got to see her in recovery for a brief moment. I was wearing my Lilly Pandamonium shorts & tote today. The first thing gabby says to me is "You Match!" - then I knew she was going to live, if you know that I match then your ok, I thought. She was cracked out , I snuck in my hot pink boa in my tote and pulled it out a bit so Gabby would get a glimpse of it. She got happy when she saw the boa, right away her mom was like put it away they will take it away if they see it. So back in my tote it went. I just spoke to gabby on the phone, she called me from her room - she was high as a kite, semi- incoherent I only understood half of what she was saying, she did tell me that her nurse's name is Theresa - like from Real Housewives Of NJ! LOL


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