Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feeling Like A Star

Last night I watched, Nine a tad boring plot wise, but the fashion was amazing. Lingerie outfits to die for, furs & lots of sequins. This little number pictured above was my favorite from the movie.I love sparkle! I am such a glamour girl. I have so many ideas for future designs now.just brought my sewing machine into the city with me, can't wait to work on some new projects!
So today I hit the thrifts with a friend, and stopped in the salon my aunt works at to say hi. I walk in and coincidently my grandmother is in the front chair getting her hair done, we all say hello and the whole place turns to me and says Hi Jenna! Then some random lady who i don't know hugs me, and turns to my friend and says , so your from boston? I felt like such a celebrity, beyond hysterical. They all pinned me you see because during my grandma's weekly hair appointments all she talks about is me. LOL


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