Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When i woke up this morning, i thought today was going to be a regular day. Boy, i was in for a surprise when i checked my email this morning. I was sitting in Ms. Visbal's spanish class descretley checking my blackberry , i saw something from Pratt come up, and i opened it, when i read that i was acceptted i let out a little scream &loudly said i got acceptted to Pratt! whoops, now everyone was looking at me , then i kept on reading out loud, yep i was too excited to read silently, the next line i read was i have been given a MERIT SCHOLARSHIP , i then announced SCHOLARSHIP, the kid next to me was like whoah, for how much, then i read $9000 YEARLY and then i flipped. I just kept on saying OMG $9000, OMG $9000, PER YEAR, $9000, OMG - I figured it out i was given $36,000 all together. OMG.Then i ran out of the room to call my whole family and ran down the hall to tell my favorite teacher my news. Don't get me wrong i'm not ungrateful or anything, but my first choice is Parsons, and I'm most likely not going to Pratt but this is a great sign, now i am almost positive that i am getting into Parsons. I made the cut to Pratt - only 250 fashion design students are acceptted per year- with a merit scholarship. I feel very empowered, i did this. All the late nights of sewing, drawing, collaging, glueing, and losing my mind over my portfolio paid off. I"M IN A FABULOUS MOOD TODAY, XOXOXO JENNA

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  1. Congrats Jenna! :-)
    Be sure to check out my blog post today, there's a little present on there for you! XOXO