Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous...Nope. Just feel like dropping dead.

Where Do I Start?

Tuesday, made quite a splash. Was The Star Of 2D class, by accident. woke up late, rolled out of bed and ran up the block to be told that I was the only one that did the homework fully and correctly. What a shocker. 3D, my fabric hamster wheel thing cover was reviewed. I was told that it was wrong, very screwed up but very interesting...the teacher loved it. She did say however that I was so trying to sell everyone oranges when they thought they were getting apples...meaning i was going to sell it as what is wrong with it, nothing? Busted, not really. Yes, its a bit screwy but its stunning and unique. My teacher used mine as a example to point out that there are other ways to doing things, and there's the right way and the other way which every time is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting. This has always been who I am, I rather produce work that different but me every time than " correct" and boring.

Wednesday, woke up home! headed to my dermatologist first thing to get a cortisone I now what its like to get botox not that bad. Hopped back on the train with mother & a very good family friend, who is a aunt to The Nate Berkus Show! Mother took up like half of the Q & A with Nate LOL,  one of the crew was like we kinda need the microphone back now.

yesterday...spotted Liv Tyler walking down my block!! Her skin was flawless. Me & Madeline were walking to pinkberry, we needed our fix ...people were stopping and taking pictures of ...Maddie looks alot like Reese Witherspoon so we thought we were having a Milly Show paparazzi re - peat LOL then we turned around and gasped together on cue LIV TYLER!

today all i did was shlepp to class in my juicy tracksuit, and clean my shit show of a room ...the place was making me nausea.

Drumroll Please.....The Winner Of The Giveaway is Sarah Gould Long..send me your information & ill ship out your goodies!

beyond to get some beauty sleep. The Vintage Flea Market is waiting for me !


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