Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Whereabouts

Hit The vintage Flea markets again, thinking this is going to be my saturday routine, there's a overturn of amazing vintage finds and i love getting out walking around, and getting inspiration & ideas! Went to a two floor flea in chelsea...don't go it was a shitshow. I will never ever go back. But right across the street was New York Vintage, where Rachel Zoe goes when she's in town. Oh my word this store was amazing. Yes everything was suer expensive i'm talking about numbers hitting over $800 to well over a thousand for pieces but the stuff was impeccable everything was carefully cleaned and cared for before putting on the floor to sell. The selection from 60's cocktail dresses to coats, shoes, handbags, scarfs, jewelry. They had the biggest selection of vintage Emilio Pucci I have seen in one place. I wanted to take pictures so bad, but they had about 30 signs all over the store stating no pictures were allowed. If you're in NYC take a trip, just to look its a amazing collection of vintage, as a designer and artist its a great place for inspiration. I will be going back & hey you never know maybe ill run into Rachel Zoe one day! 

 some brocade closeups I snapped at the vintage flea! love the prints!

 Vintage magazines I scored for $5 each tried bargaining even lower but no budge! still an amazing deal!
 my fabric polyhedron cover...took up my friday & saturday night! but so worth it no rushing around & I'm pretty pleased with it so ready for tuesdays presentation. Bring it.

GIVEAWAY TIME! upon my travels I picked up a preppy pink & green koozie , pens & thermal mug to be given to one of you, my fabulous fans. So Contest Details , I will be picking a name out of a hat, you get one entry to being a follower of this blog, one for leaving a comment telling me what your favorite vintage/ and or family heirloom item that you treasure. And you will receive more entries for every person you get to follow this blog ! I will announce the winner next friday, October 29 the day before halloween!

xx Talk to me I love hearing from all of you, leave me comments or shoot me a email!



  1. Sign me up :) Something I have come to treasure is my great great grandmother's cameo brooch, it's been passed down from my mother and it's gorgeous but I'm yet to find something to wear it with, maybe I'll do a blog about it and some people will have ideas.

  2. I'm a follower (of course!) And my favorite vintage piece is my Grandmother's "The Lilly" dress from Lilly's first year of designing! Since her death, I have remodeled the dress to a more modern cut, and I am sure to be seen wearing it every Spring/Summer!
    Love the fashionista diaries!
    xx, SGL