Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh. My. God.

Design board from Lilly Pulitzer, I'm taking inspiration from them for my current Projects.
The last few days have been a whirlwind, My internship is amazing. I just became the newest Intern for Pookie & Sebastian. Opportunity is knocking on my door, big time. Today I went into one of the store locations to meet with my interning boss & The architect that designed all of the Lilly Pulitzer stores, along with coach, Michael Kors & many more. It was so much fun to listen in and think about the design of the store, Though my main love is Fashion, I love to dabble in other areas too. I'm super excited to be involved with this company. My next assignment, after finding and getting this architect is to work on Signage, & branding. I am going to be designing the tags on the clothes, & signs for sales + promotions. I'm also going to working on a photoshoot for their website with a few friends. I'm super excited to work on the signage & have my work go corporate! I still can't believe What's happening, I've only been here for a month. I'm super busy, loving every minute of it. Today my boss told me that she knows I'm going to make it, Wow! I'm finally being reconized for my talent from not only my friends & family. I'm exhilerated, its a out of body experience. That moment that you know your wildest dreams are going to come true. On my way back home from in the cab I was crying , tears of joy. I'm so grateful for how blessed I am, I know my parents didn't have what I have in my life. My life is the way it is because my parents sacrificed to give me everything they didn't have & more. Its been a crazy day, I need to slow down, work on my wire shoe for 3D class, and take this all in.



  1. Congrats! This is so exciting! I look forward to following your every step of becoming a major success! I think it is wonderful how much you appreciate your parents and their sacrifices. Good Luck on the wire shoe (would love to see a photo) and Best of Luck (you wn't need it) on the internship! XOX

  2. thank you& stay tunned pictures are coming! xoxoxo