Monday, September 27, 2010

The End Of Broccoli

This is the final part of my Broccoli analysis project for 3D class. Using " planar" materials, re: anything flat paper, wood ..etc & using Linear materials to make connections. Yeah I could have used cardboard but what fun would that be? So I recycled clothing tags..i'm a hoarder I save them. & picked up the perfect trim, using spray adhesive & a needle & thread I sewed each layer by hand. The crown of the broccoli is cut up Juicy Couture Tags & trim. It was scary to think looking at all the tags, this is really how much Juicy I own/ used to wear! LOL . Yes at the age of 11 I became hooked to Juicy. basically all I wore to school were the tracksuits!  Thank The Lord, I am getting so tired of making Broccoli out of everything. Last week I made a Broccoli model out of pasta & ribbon, and the week before that I made one out of wire. Enough! I'm ready for our next project, excited to see what it will be tomorrow! Tuesday is my crazy day...wish me luck 4 straight classes then mega mix at the gym which I have to go to because I haven't been to the gym in a week which is a problem! I need to stay skinny!!!


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