Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Day In Pictures

Picked up a much needed Jewelry tree at think I got enough jewelry. Confession this isn't even the half of it...the rest is resting in my house...I miss the rest of my collection. Andrea enjoying her gelato. I ate Gelato Twice today. Andrea made me have the delicious gelato with her, then later in the day when my Mother was visiting we got some again. I'm gonna get myself to Lucille Roberts ASAP!
We ate Gelato in ice cream cone chairs...adorable! so cute I had to snap a few pictures!
We hit Pookie this morning to snap some pictures for the store blog & facebook page.

Today I got to go to Limelight marketplace. Love , Love, Love. This may be my new hangout. Candy dresses, patterns, vintage, beauty, Lesportsac, mini cakes, gelato & many more amazing things can be found here. Its a itty bitty mini Manhattan mall. You must go, its worth the trip. In fact Ill probably be going there again tomorrow with a friend for coffee. 
This is my day in pictures, where I went , what I did & what I wore.
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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures- you are in my old 'hood (MH)!!! I know those ice cream cone chairs well! How fun that you went to the "new" Limelight!