Sunday, September 19, 2010

Running on Fumes

That's right, I said it. I'm running on fumes. I'm tired everyday. I'm not complaining, just whining a little, its just what I do. I'm waiting to reveal some of my ongoing/upcoming projects on here. For now though, I've been bringing in my fall wardrobe , what a Shlep!!! We had to make two trips and bring all my shoes in on Saturday. On that note I cannot wait to wear my Over The Knee Suede boots , which to wear first black or brown? Like that's my biggest decision..seems so trivial compared to everything else I have been thinking about! I have not had time to shop at all, but here and there...what have you been obsessed with this season? What's on my Fall must wear list:
Over The Knee Boots
Tights- dying to get my hands on navy ones, must make a trip to TjMaxx
Sweater- coats...perfect for the changing season
platform booties- I'm trying to take it easy on this one I gotta watch with my back!
Gold Accessories
& I'm completely obsessed with my l-o-v-e necklace from & my two friends all have matching ones & the best part- it was $3.80!
Tomorrow morning you will find me up bright & early with a huge cup of coffee, A very large sketchpad under my arm , wearing my Chanel Flats & sling bag - & Huge sunglasses to hide the bags underneath my eyes...The life of a artist!



  1. Keep going, girl! Just think of those boots! Did you see Rachel Zoe's over the knee tranny boots? I'm in love!

  2. Its the shoes that get me out of bed! xoxo