Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Today I hit Bloomies in the afternoon & Bergdorf Goodman in the evening for the festivities!

There was a doggy Couture fashion show on the third floor in Bergdorf Goodman...too cute for words, The judges were Monique Lhuilier, Tinsley Mortimer & Robert Virdi....My favorite doggy outfit of the night (not pictured) was a Dasch in a poof of hot pink pleated Satin.
Doggy cuteness
Mark Badgley & James Mishka...I was like 3 feet from them kinda crazy...they had there dasches in the fashion show , one in a suit the other in a ivory couture creation.
The Pandamonium in Bergdorf Goodman...It Was A ZOO! I had to wait 20 minutes to get in the store, inside it was a madhouse. I strolled around snacking on pop chips & mini cones of frozen yogurt!
At bloomies I took pictures in the Marc Jacobs Photo Booth! My Photos were put into the jewelry display might see me while checking out the necklaces! LOL
The Window Displays at Bergdorf Goodman were words to describe how they looked in person
The windows had Models moving around the window , it was breathtaking.
I also saw Michelle Smith (Of Milly & her adorable husband Andy!)....and on my way out of Bergdorfs to get a cab, I saw Dina & Caroline Manzo.(The Real Housewives Of NJ) They were a bit huffy about not being able to get in the side exit, The guard doesn't watch the show or of course he would have let them in, right? Anyway they were pretty annoyed they had to go to the front and wait on line to get in! LOL

Beyond Exhausted, Can't wait to unpack all my loot from the night tomorrow...Can't wait to Sleep in tomorrow morning.


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