Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hell No.

Guess Where I went Today? You'll never Believe this!?!........what I wore & what I did:

So today I had a complete change of plans. I woke up super late f-ing up my schedule for the day, but then I got a ring form my friend Maddie & She Had A EXTRA TICKET TO THE MILLY FASHION SHOW. I pushed everything around today, this is something you change your day for. Its Milly for crying out loud. I ran to do my have to do errands, then raced in and out of cabs to get to the salon get my hair and nails done, then run back to get dressed. Maddie made me step out of my modest comfort zone, but I'm glad I did.I wore a mini- dress with no leggings or tights, a grey topper sweated which covered my butt- don't worry Mom! & platform booties. I only had a almost flashing incident getting out of the cab. I finished off my outfit with my Milly for Clinique clutch , figures the one Milly dress I own is at home in Long Island.We headed to Lincoln Center, walked in the wrong building first, we would. then we entered the correct building, checked in and then we had to separate our seats were not together. It was ok I chatted with a French guy that was a buyer. I saw Ramona Singer! Her skirt was way shorter than mine, just saying. She looked great!We sipped on mini bottles of Fiji water and headed out...there was so much going on Essie Manicure stations, bars with every drink you can imagine, even a blogging section that was 10 deep! On our way out a publicist chatted us up, gave me his card said he works with Ke$ha, no big deal. Then He said to my friend Maddie, he thought he saw her at the shows during the week. Ha! Then we are walking to get out, out this time and Paparatzzi jumps in front of us and starts taking like 50 pictures of Maddie & I. What The Hell?! We are nobody. Then again Maddie looks alot like Resse Witherspoon, they might have thought it was her. Look out we might be is Us Weekly! LOL
The Clothes Were amazing, as I was watching the show I was getting the chills, seriously.
I took a ton of pictures as you all see.

Goodnight, I'm beyond Exhausted...might not have enough energy to go shopping...We will see.

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