Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day In The Life...

What A Manic Monday...
Drawing Class 9 am - 2:40 am
ran to the copy place & Crumbs bakery
3:15- surprised Maddie with cupcake for her birthday, I had a candle but I almost put my desk on fire trying to light it, so no to that.
Work, Work, Work!
7 pm- got all decked out, put on my black suede over the knee boots...Hit Forever21 & out to Dinner with the birthday girl. Got hit on by a 40 year old. LOL!
10:30 Pinkberry. Must I say more, I might have to go there everyday.
11 pm - beautify myself.
12:30 am- Blog !!!

Pookie News!: I am now in control of the store's facebook page & am in the process of starting a store blog. So excited! Please, Please, Please. Pretty Please. Friend "Me" Pookieand Sebastian on Facebook. I'm trying to get the page going & make it interactive. Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001549284196&ref=ts
above is the print I'm going foward with for the clothing tags. Gonna mix it up with a few color combos and such. thinking pink/brown, light blue/brown.

I'm super exhausted, tomorrow's my crazy day four classes in a row 9am-6pm then mega mix at lucille roberts- gotta stay skinny!



  1. Pinkberry, yum! Have you tried Forty Carrots @ Bloomingdales? Although I love Pinkberry I think Forty Carrots is my favorite.

    Best Wishes with the Pookie and Sebastian Facebook Page, I know you will make it a success! Sent you a friend request.

    XOX Sue

  2. I love, Love,Love bloomingdale's frozen yogurt...Its so easy to get pinkberry its a half a block away from my building. Thanks for the friend request & Words of encouragement! xoxo

  3. I'm so jealous your so close to everything I dream of going to! It's unbelievable you are in just walking distance from these amazing places!