Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm breaking out the concealer...

Exciting things are happening! & I'm getting crazy busy! What's on the agenda for today?:
7 am : wake up, get beautified...
8 am- breakfast, make a appearance in the dining hall
9 am leave for lab exploring assignment ( water Street!?!)- most likely see Meg Ryan on my way out!
1030 Am- stop at a museum downtown ...going is a assignment.
aiming to get back home no later than 11:30 am
Work, Work,Work!
4 pm meeting with Pookie PR Girl! I'm going to be in charge of The Pookie Store Blog & facebook page, when I have the info tomorrow Ill post the links so you all can follow!
come back, Work more & possibly drop dead into bed.
Goodnight, I have a super long day ahead of me looking forward to many coffee runs & cab rides tomorrow. I love my cabs...I'm a cab girl, with sometimes taking the occasional bus ride. but last time i got on a bus i got lost & ended up getting a cab, so that didn't really work out.

This little blog hit 70 followers, I'm already Planning another giveaway! don't forget to hit the follow button, when you visit....I'm planning something huge for when I hit 100 followers!


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