Monday, July 12, 2010

Parsons Day 10!

Hello All! Today has been yet another exausting day, Daddy drove me in to the city so i got to snooze for a bit- then it was time to work! We started painting today in class. I have been oil painting for around two years so none of the lesson was new to me, but this was a chance to sharpen up my skills. I made two coffee runs to get through todays 6 hour long painting- don't worry i only drink decaff! I had to schleepp all of my drawing supplies home today because we had to clean out our lockers to make room for today's painting if you dont lock it up properly it can be destroyed, or thrown out. So this left me schleeping a huge portfolio case, drawing board, three pads of newsprint, a paint box, my lunch bag and oh yeah my huge day tote down fifth avenue to try to catch a cab to Penn Station. It took me about 5 minutes to get into the cab with all my crap, i kid you not. I don't know how, but somehow i managed to make my train just in time. Tonight's homework assignment is a 4 hour painting, again i kid you not. So why am i blogging? well the paint has to dry in between layers of shading or it turns into one puddle of mud, and i'm almost done anyway, im giving it another hour then calling it a day. The teach will never know, this fashionista needs her beauty sleep ok!

Drawing i put up in a previous post- painting this for tonight's homework assignment.
Thursday Nights Hw- which i aced . The teacher loved it!

another ink drawing

Tonight's Homework assignment- almost done, i will post a picture of the finished product !

Picked up some Kate Spade Stationary today at Kate's Paperie- conveinintly located right next to Parsons! I'm obsessed i go in there almost everyday during my 15- minute break!
Can't Wait For Another Day At Parsons ! Any Artists Out There?


  1. These are amazing. Totally something i'd purchase.

  2. Your work is beautiful! I would get in so much trouble shopping if I were there.
    Saw your post on re-lilly, will follow. :)

  3. Thank You for your Support & Encouragement! Stay Tunned!