Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things......

Decaf Coffee- with 2 splenda & a splash of skim milk
Earings, I never go a day with wearing a pair. I feel naked with out them, my late great-grandmother followed this too.

Lilly Pulitzer Perfume- I own all three, I've been reaching for Beachy more lately.

French Macaroons- Want to go back to Paris just to stock up & pick up more magazines.

Chanel Lipgloss, anything Chanel is fabulous, No?
Happy Fourth Of July!
My Lilly Graduation Cap is featured on! Click on Fun Stuff, then Scroll down to Lilly Lovers Days, then click on " Click here to see some of our favorite entries this year"4 of my photos are up- all in a row! Fingers Crossed I win the grand prize: Designer for a day at Lilly's NYC showroom & the Shopping Spree at the Madison Avenue store! xx

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