Thursday, July 15, 2010

Parsons Day 13!

Hello! Started off my day today with setting the toaster oven on fire, whoppsie! Daddy took care of it before the kitchen cabinets went up in flames. Working on a still life painting in class of my Lilly Pulitzer Wink perfume, Playing Cards & pencil me in case! will post a picture when its done, Keeping this post short - im so tired & i have some drawing to do tonight!
Scene in a elevator today- Going down to get coffee- one of my mexican classmates was trying to change her shirt in time before we got to the bottom, well the elevator was making a unexpected stop back to our floor- she wraps her shirt around her, while other one is holding the shirt she changed out of her, thinking its out friends getting in the elevator she throws the shirt at the elevator door as it starts to open. It wasn't our friends, a random guy was standing there! She grabs the shirt back just in time!LOL
So i did a little shopping today, hit a thrift shop picked up this vintage birkin look a like beauty for almost nothing! I also been working on the giveaway goodies- stay tunned!


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