Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Parsons Summer Classes Day Two

Yes, I'm tired, my feet ache & I'm mentally exhausted from doing homework- tonight's assignment 35 gestural drawings.What keeps me going? Knowing that i finally made it, I'm in Parsons. I'm so lucky to be afforded this opportunity. Love my class, its an interesting bunch from all over the world. Very cool to meet and chat with people from other countries, that are not Long island.We have 7 girls that are from Mexico, who are hysterical. An vintage- loving Aussie. Two Texans, A Georgia Peach, & A laid-back LA-er among others. Taking Spanish for 6 years in school has paid off- I'm able to tap in to some of the conversations of the girls from Mexico. We all call the teacher by his first name, Colin being in a relaxed atmosphere and all. Love how the Sassy Mexican girls take it to the next level. At the beginning of class , one says: Colin, too many drawings last night. We didn't go to Butter because of your homework. Then i went out for a smoke and i saw Beyonce & Jay-Z then we just followed them and went where they went. Then another said, I got lost yesterday i went on the subway to go to Madison avenue . After a few stops i asked someone if we were there yet. They told me we were in Brooklyn. Brooklyn? Where's Brooklyn? LOL.Then another one of them asks me where I'm from, I say LongIsland, NY, She says I can tell you have a thick accent. (I think So do you) how funny is that! The Mexican girls have amazing clothes also, they all carry YSL's or LV's, wear Seven Jeans, Lots of gold jewelry & Tory Burch Flats & aren't afraid to wear color!

Here are two of the 35 drawings i completed tonight. Yes, 35 & No I'm not Kidding. Really.

Vase of flowers.
Julia, My Yorkie modeled for me this evening. She was a bit of a fussy model, but i got some amazing drawings of her tonight.

Both are drawn with Conte crayons just discovered these, a cool alternative to pastels- not chalky very concentrated and smooth. Only downfall : impossible to erase so its like permanent.



  1. Jenna, Oh it sounds so fun!!! First let me tell you as a Mexican Woman "We LOVE COLOR!!!!!!" The reason they are so fun is because the culture is so fun. Mexico is a wonderful place. I'm so glad your spanish has come in so handy good girl. Funny how we don't realize OUR accents. Have fun my dear, and take it all in. NY has so much love it all.