Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex And The City 2 Fashion Recap

Yesterday, I went to go see Sex And The City 2 with the girls. Let's talk about the clothes. I died looking at all the couture wedding gowns from the first movie. And the shoes OMG...
Loved how they made the girls shop at Bergdorfs, the absolute "IT" Manhattan store. Love Carrie's white dress & Charlotte's pink Dior bag. Can you spot Louboutins? I can!
The gown, its Emilio Pucci- i won't tell you the price its sickening, but look at it- Stunning. The printed silk looks as if it was watercolor painted on. Love the shoes too, and yes they are Louboutins!

I was in love with the beading around the neckline of Miranda's maxi dress- so chic, I would wear Carrie's one- shoulder grecian dress everyday if i could. Samantha's shoes were to die for & Charlotte's dress & hat were so preppy but in a sophisticated european way.

Flashback scene; Don't you love Carrie's Madonna look? & Charlotte is in LILLY, the roslyn skirt from the originals collection in not so crabby print & she's holding a lilly bermuda bag!

Didn't you love the kareoke scene? I did! I was dying over Charlotte's gown. Jeans under a long gown- only Carrie could pull that off - and with a tiara too! I wasn't overly in love with Samantha's & Miranda's looks throughout the film. What do you think?

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