Saturday, June 26, 2010


This post is dedicated to Gabballaaa , my Best Friend. We met in Fashion Class last year when i was a Junior & Gabby was a senior in high school. Here is some photos of our adventures in fashion together!

Me, Gabballaaa & Countess Luann , We met her at a Lilly Pulitzer Event at Bloomingdales in NYC. We are both wearing Vintage Lillys circa 1960's.
Getting our books signed, sharing a beyond hysterical moment with the countess.

My favorite Picture of me & Gabbaalllaaa .

Me & Gabbaalllaaa in Bergdorf Goodman having yet another laugh in a Pucci chair on the ready-to-wear floor. How cute is that chair?! I want it!

My Graduation Gift from Gaballlaaa. Esentially Lilly Book! & Audrey Book, Paris notecards & a beautiful keepsake box! I'm obsessed with everything! Gabbaalllaa you know me too well.
Cheers Gabballlaaaa to more years of laughter & Fun together!
Stay tunned, i have some tricks up my sleeve for tomorrow's post!


  1. Those vintage Lilly's are FABULOUS! <3

  2. Thank You, i collect vintage lillys they are real treasures to me! xoxo

  3. Love the vintage Lilly shifts! Are y'all wearing tights with them...looks good!