Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day At Parsons!

Hello! Today was an exausting & exilerating day. I started out bright and early which was a bit of a struggle, i am so not a morning person. I sat through orientation, Boring. Then we were given a lunch break, i had lunch with an austrailian & another girl i met from washington D.C.When i got to class i felt like i left the country, I am working side by side with students from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Austrailia, as well as some southerners. I was the only one from New York. I am so happy to be meeting new people outside of Long Island, though it is lovely here, its a bit sheltered. When i was at Parsons today, i finally felt like i was home. This is what i am meant to be, a designer. Everything clicked today i didn't have trouble drawing at all. For the first time today, i actually thought my work was up to par. I was praised today in class for my still life thumbnail drawings. Everyone was asking who drew that? I was so proud to stand up and say that it was my work. I'm living the dream. There's also alot of work that comes with this dream. This morning i sat in traffic for 2 hours on my way into manhattan. There are two, three hour classes each day, with a short lunch break in between. And there is homework. Tonight's homework was 20 drawings, yes 20. I just finished. My hand hurts like hell. You gotta work to get to the top. I worked my ass off to get into Parsons, I'm up for the challenge- Bring It On.

Some of drawings that i did for homework today. Still lifes of a vase of flowers in my house.



  1. random, but I went to Parsons summer intensive in may/June for fashion design! Best of luck and enjoy, isn't it just the perfect place.

  2. Sounds like a great first day (aside from the traffic). I look forward to hearing more! Those sketches are fabulous! XOX Sue