Friday, June 11, 2010


Last night, we took a trip to our local Borders to meet Teresa Giudice from The Real Housewives Of NJ. We got Skinny Italian signed & chated with Teresa herself. She was a panic!
Me, Mom, Annie, Diane & Gabby with Teresa.

So lets start from the begining, we arrive at Borders purchase our books and now we have to wait, the Moms are on-line and were trying to casually hang out by the door to see if we can catch Teresa coming in. No such luck, we had one false alarm. I saw a town car pull up and i was convinced that it was her, i literally shoved Gabby out of the way to run to the door. LOL
Yes, she was fashionably late, and yes we did miss her coming in because i was reading a magazine.
Then we waited on line for a little bit, and ditched the moms again this time we hung out near Teresa's area and got to see her in action. I have to tell you she really is pretty in person, seriously. The voice is the same as it is on TV, exactly the same. While she was signing books she took a minute to err, fix the top of her dress. LOL
Then it came time to Meet & Greet. While waiting on line we found Danielle Staub's book laying around, what did we do??
My Mother is hysterical ;
Mom: Wait Teresa we have to gloss!
Teresa: you're funny
Mom: Can you sign my book? (Puts Danielle's Book on the table)
Teresa: didn't buy this did you?
Mom: No, (throws the book on the floor)
Teresa: " You know Longisland girls are just like Jersey girls".
Then My friend Annie & her Mom Diane went up to get their books signed
Diane: My daughter is going to college in Jersey
Teresa: oh, where?
Diane: Hackensen
Teresa: Oh, Hackensack! I had all my babies in Hackensack Hospital, its a great hospital!
what is she going for?
Diane: Equestriny
Teresa: WHATT?!
Diane: Horses
Teresa: Ohh..that's nice
Then my mom asked her if she gardens, (i told my mother not to ask her that i mean does she look like she does gardening, no!) Teresa was like no, and my husband is so lazy he doesn't do anything he doesn't care how the house looks....blah blah ...LOL
we were chatting with her for too long because then these people were like thanks for coming ladies and they litterally shoved us out of the area. LOL
The Real housewives are my guilty pleasure, no i am not a housewive or anything close to it I'm only 17 but i am highly entertained by all of these women. NJ housewives to me is the most hysterical to me being italian, i just close my eyes and i feel like i'm listening to my Mom's side of the family. I'm also Obsessed with NY - Team Bethenny! & don't get me started on Atlanta & OC
It was a night of hysterical fits of laughter!



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