Sunday, June 20, 2010

Running With My Fabulous Circle Of People

Yesterday was a whirlwind.... I'm still recovering. I got up bright and early washed & dressed into my Pandemonium Shift - and a spritz of Wink for the days events. First stop my Minnie's dance recital. Then it was time to put on my Ralph Lauren Derby hat and go to my fashionista friend's Alice & Wonderland themed birthday Party. It was a fun day, the weather was so nice yesterday making everything extra enjoyable.

Katie & her friend Claire how cute are they?! This was after the recital , with their flowers!

Katie in her Jazz outfit. I'm so proud of my Minnie! She did great it was such a thrill to see her dance on stage.They say you can't choose your family- but you can , you see me & Katie are not really related, but we're cousins because Katie chose to "adopt" me as her cousin! Katie, I'm having so much fun being a part of your life & watching you grow up!


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