Friday, June 18, 2010

Bon Voyage!

" But look what I've been missing out on all this time. Look what I've been denying myself. I feel quite shaky as I realize the opportunitiess I've been throwing away over the years. Suitcases, weekend bags, monogrammed hatboxes...with weak legs i wander into a corner and sit down on a carpeted pedestal next to a red leather vanity case. How can i have overlooked luggage for so long? How can i have just blithely led my life ignoring an entire retail sector? "
- Confessions Of A Shopaholic

I am just in LOVE with this luggage, no I'm not going anywhere and yes I'm working on cutting back & controlling my spending But- I can look can I? I just adore the brown/white stripe combo on anything! take a look at my luggage "wish list" :
This carry- on with wheels is so chic and funtional- $595
Weekender - can be used as a day tote or as your personal bag on the flight over - $395

large make-up case not sure how functional this is- i usually travel with a cosmetic case that can be tucked in my luggage, but its so cute- $295

Train case- this is the ultimate vintage travel luxury- LOVE , LOVE, LOVE this!- $695

duffle- so cute i can see myself carrying this on a weekend getaway - $450

All pieces can be purchased at

As far as functionality goes- the only two useful pieces for me would be the rolling carry-on & the weekender tote- the rest is cute but would be a pain to schleep around a airport, but would it? ;)

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