Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking For Inspiration

I'm currently working on my spring collection that i plan to launch sometime in may. I always like to look back on my previous work to get inspiration. I think of the seasons, and i love to look at old pictures of my late-great grandma from the 1920's.....Sometimes im sure of what i want to do, and other times i stall until the last possible minute,usually it comes to me when i least expect it, its such a great moment when i find "IT".for now the search continues.......
I launched my first ever collection- FALL '09 at my schools annual fashion show benefiting Breast Cancer Awarness & Research, I love doing something fun that gives back. It was Such a fun night....I hope many more runway shows to come ;)
I also made centerpieces for the tables, I recycled vintage purses that i found at my local thrift store cleaned them up and took hydrangers from my tree outside, dried & sprayed them and stuck them in with some branches for an earthy look.

cream tweed skirtsuit, modernized chanel skirtsuit, and tweed knit separates. im just crazy for tweed, its rare also, there is barley any when i go to the garment district and it can be pricey.....last time i went to get my tweed i had to bargain with the guy he was relentless but finally worked with me he was pissed off though because he threw my change at me LOL.

My 3 -in-1 dress the overlay & belt detatches

two of the ready-to wear looks
handmade organza roses and vintage jewelry sewn onto the garments.
Thanks for looking! I look foward to sharing my adventures in fashion with you!

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